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Nasal Valve Insufficiency. Breathing Problems 2 Years Post-Op, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hey. I have had a rhinoplasty 13 years ago, and didn't suffer for any sugnificant breathing problems untill two years ago. One day, I felt that... READ MORE

10 Years Rhinoplasty Has Causes Breathing Difficulties- What To Do?

I had rhinoplasty 10 years ago. Still till today I can't breathe from it, air is real tight to get in through nose, have to sniff a lot to... READ MORE

I Would Like to Fix a Droopy, Too Bulbous Nose Tip Ten Years After the Original Nose Job; What Would You Suggest?

I had a nose job ten years ago as a present. Well I should have researched better because it's not great, not horrible -- but it's been... READ MORE

Nose Tip Too Narrow and Uneven and Bone Bump Grew Back. What Can I Do?

Over 10 years ago i go my bump filed down from bridge of nose. I woke up and the dr mentioned he narrowed the tip and put plastic things I'n tip... READ MORE

10 years post op of Rhinoplasty, can a tip revision be done with a filler or surgery? (photo)

Rhinoplasty was 10 years ago! Bridge of my nose has become to narrow and my tip has a little ball on it. I've tried restalyne but it hasn't worked.... READ MORE

How Can I Get at Least Somewhat Straight Nose That Doesnt Look That Bad? (photo)

I had a crooked nose and i had a surgery 10 years ago, it was somewhat good but bent again. Then i ha da surgery 1 and a half year ago that looked... READ MORE

Desire: Smaller Tip, Overall Nostril Reduction, Attractive Collumellar/nasolabial Angle and Fusion, Shorter Nose? (photo)

I have inherited mothers high Scandinavian profile (and large nostrils) and fathers African nose. Surgery 20 yeras ago involved thinning bridge, and... READ MORE

Am I taking a risk considering a revision when I have thick skin and can no longer tolerate kenalog? (Photo)

Rhinoplasty done 10 yrs ago, told skin is thick. Post op nose never draped over new structure - resulting in abundance of swelling. Looked great at... READ MORE

What can be done to lengthen/fix my nose from an old rhinoplasty? A doctor told me it's too "tight" (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty about 11 years ago. The doctor made my nose very short, with an upturned, bulbous, asymmetrical tip. I went for a revision... READ MORE

How Do I Prevent my Skin from Flaring Up During Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My last PS said when he cut into my skin it flared up, he said I just had sensitive skin. I don't know if that was a hindrance to him or what... READ MORE

I would like a revision rhinoplasty. How can I best describe what changes I want to a potential surgeon? (Photo)

I had a tip rhinoplasty done 10 yrs ago for what I thought to be a too-bulbous tip (see before pics). I have been very unhappy with my results. I felt... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, 10 Years Post Op. Can Your Nose Have Any Effect on Teeth Shifting?

I had braces as a young person, and have always needed retainers, even before my surgeries. However, sometimes I am aware of my two front teeth and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty job for second time? (Photo)

I got my first rhinoplasty 10 years ago. But i am not happy with the shape of my nose. I want smaller straight looking nose. Pls advise READ MORE

Need to revise old alar rim grafts?

Greetings, 10 years ago I had rhinoplasty (nostril grafts and small dorsal hump removal) which resulted in 2 collapsed nasal valves which I had... READ MORE

I'm 44 years old and over the past year my nose has started to bother me. Looking for a dr to do revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I had my nose done about 30 years ago with a small revision about 10 years ago. While it is much better than my "nose of origin" the tip... READ MORE

Third Rhinoplasty Revision - need an honest advice.

I had a nose job in 2002 and revision in 2004. First and the second revision result = witch nose. BTW my nose was small and wasn't a hooked nose. I am... READ MORE

I'm bothered by the tip of my nose ( hanging and non-symmetrical ) after a primary rhinoplasty 10 years ago (Photo)

I'm bothered by the Tip of my nose ( hanging and non-symmetrical ) after a primary rhinoplasty 10 years ago. I dislike how droopy the tip is, but more... READ MORE

I have extra cartilage on left side of the nose. It's caved on the right. Do I need a revision to make it straight? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 10 years ago. And I absolutely loved my nose. But over the years, I notice a bump on my right side and caved on the right. Making my... READ MORE

Asymmetrical tip of the nose, what would be the best way to fix? (Photos)

I got a rhinoplasty 10 tears ago and about a year after my tip of the nose change the shape and got asymmetrical. I went to. Few surgeons and each one... READ MORE

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