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Infected Gore-tex Nasal Implant

I had revision Rhinoplasty in Nov. 09. I didn't think my doctor had used a implant in the bridge of my nose. For the past year I have not been... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job- Seeking Revision.

Hello, I had a nose job about a year ago and I'm unhappy with my results. Should I seek revision? Also, what exactly is wrong with my nose? Why is... READ MORE

Can a Nose Still Refine 1 Year Post Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a revision rhino 1 year ago and the tip area is still bulbous looking. My skin is slightly thick so I wondering if I can still expect... READ MORE

Solutions for Swelling One Year After Revision Rhinoplasty? Kenalog?

Hi- I had an open revision rhinoplasty exactly one year ago. I am still experiencing intermittent swelling. I know this is swelling because at times... READ MORE

Very Self Conscious of Nose Since Rhinoplasty.

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty a year ago as I had a wide tip.I wanted a more defined bridge and tip,but have ended up with the appearence of a flat bridge... READ MORE

Options For Nose That is Still Too Wide/fat After a Year? (photo)

Just after rhinoplasty my nose is fat, of course... But a couple things were done that will still make it wider permanently... This bridge was... READ MORE

Too Much Cartilage Removed on Left Side of Nose Where my Nose Bone Meets my Nostrils, Is It Possible to Correct This?

15 months post op for my first rhino revision. To summarize both surgeries. The cartilage from the left side of my nose was aggressively removed to... READ MORE

How Best To Correct Wide Nose and Visible V Line 14 Months Post Op? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 14 mnths ago to remove hump on my nose,septoplasty and tip shortened, but my nose is wider now and I have visible line as inverted v... READ MORE

Hit Nose After 1 Year Post-Op Rhinoplasty- Have I Done Permanent Damage?

I had open rhinoplasty/septoplasty just over a year ago. The tip is still swollen as it was a revision. A few days ago I hit my nose somewhat hard- it... READ MORE

Pinching in the Nose? (photo)

Im about 14 months post-op and my nose is starting to look worse and I'm a bit worried. Is there anything that can be done? My surgeon has offered... READ MORE

One Year After Rhinoplasty, Pretty Unhappy with Results. Should I Elect for a Revision Procedure? (photo)

I had my rhino/septoplasty on 12/15/2011 to fix a deviated septum and to define/turn up the tip of my nose. A year after the surgery my nose is still... READ MORE

Nose Injury 3 Days Post Rhinoplasty: Now Apparent at 12 Months

I had a knock to the left side of my nose at 3 days post Septo-Rhinoplasty and as swelling subsided, I began to notice the effects of the hit. I am... READ MORE

Widen Dorsum? (photo)

Hello, 1 year ago I got my rhinoseptoplasty to fix a crooked nose with hump and deviated septum. Actually the result doesn't satisfact me, because my... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Still Visible 1 Year After Rhino, Would Rasping it Down Again be Cheaper than a Full Nose Job?

I had a nose job about a year ago to get rid of a dorsal hump.The nose was broken and taken in a bit and the hump was rasped down.Today the hump,... READ MORE

Would it Work if I Had Nose Surgery Again and They Shorten It?

I had rhinoplasty a little over a year ago and i was happy with everything but the length and that my nose turned back a little . my nose was crooked... READ MORE

I Am 14 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty. My Nose is Still Very Swollen and Super Cold to the Touch. Will This Ever Go Away?

When the nose swells more it includes throbbing, especially with caffeine. I have tried cayenne pepper supplements (help a bit) and over the last 3... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: One Nostril Lower and Longer (photo)

I had rhinoplasty about one year ago but not satisfy with the results. My right nostril is longer and lower than my left nostril. what can be done to... READ MORE

Can the Narrowness of my Nose Before Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 14 months ago. All the swelling is down (please take my word for it, no changes since more than 7 months) My nose is much wider... READ MORE

What happens if the nose still doesn't look right after the revision touch up? (photos)

I got my first rhinoplasty 13 months ago. After 8 months got a second rhinoplasty/touch up cost free (other than anesthesia).The reason was that the... READ MORE

18 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty and My Nose is Constantly Running, is this Normal? Do I Need a Revision?

I had rhinoplasty almost 18 months ago. I'm half pleased with it. The side profile is very nice but the front which I was most worried about the... READ MORE

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