Zinc Oxide Sports Tape After Rhinoplasty.

Is it okay to use zinc oxice sports tape after rhinpolasty? Or does it have to be micropore paper tape?

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Zinc Oxide tape after Rhinoplasty

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  The type of tape in and of itself has no value after a Rhinoplasty, rather it's the ability to use the tape to temporarily push out post Rhinoplasty edema that's useful.  Rhinoplasty patients put tape on the nose without understanding that within minutes of its application the swelling can return to the nasal tissues and the tape itself has no anti-swelling characteristics.  Some 20 years ago, I used to recommend my Rhinoplasty patients tape their noses.

 Today and for many years, I instead instruct all my Rhinoplasty patients in the proper technique of nasal manual lymphatic drainage that is performed for 5 minutes a day to remove nasal tissue swelling (nasal massage).  Far more effficient than any form of tape application when it comes to removing tissue swelling.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhioplasty, zinc oxide sports tape

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Chocolate, this is an interesting question. Are you getting a second opinion or have you already asked your doctor, and he recommended paper tape? I personally am not familiar with zinc oxide sports tape, so I really can't answer. I like paper tape a lot, and it works very well for my patients. I think it also depends how long ago you had your rhinoplasty as well. I would have to see the zinc oxide sports tape to make a decision. Generally, though zinc oxide is not noxious to the skin causing problems.

Srdjan Ostric, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Taping nose after rhinoplasty

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In my opinion, it is best to use a hypoallergenic type of tape after rhinoplasty to avoid irritating the skin. If your skin is very thick and you can tolerate other types of tape, it might be acceptable. I would ask your surgeon who performed the procedure for his input.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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