Can Pregnancy Make my Nose Swell More After Rhinoplasty?

I had an alar graft put in about 9 months ago. I am 8 months pregnant. It still gets extremely swollen especially in the morning. Could my pregnancy be contributing to this?

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Swelling of your nose is common during your 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

It is common for women to see nasal swelling during pregnancy, and it tends to worsen during your 3rd trimester. This could occur whether or not you have had Rhinoplasty Surgery. This should completely resolve after you give birth.

Some say this is an indication you may be having a girl...?

All the best to you and your baby.

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Pregnancy can exacerbate swelling after rhinoplasty


The total body volume increases during pregnancy. It is very common for you to produce and retain more fluid when you are pregnant, so that could definitely be contributing to the increased swelling in your nose. The fact that you notice that you are more swollen in the mornings likely has to do with the fact that your head is in a more dependent position as you lie in bed all night. So in the morning, you notice this extra volume in your nose and face. Throughout the day, the fluid works its way down your body due to the effects of gravity as you walk around and sit upright. The swelling should improve after the pregnancy. Hope this helps! Congratulations and best wishes for the rest of the pregnancy!


Sarmela Sunder, MD
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Pregnancy increases rhinoplasty swelling.

Yes, it does due to fluid retention while you are pregnant. Fortunately, time will take care of this.

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Can pregnancy cause excess swelling after rhinoplasty.


Yes, most definitely pregnancy increases your fluid volume, therefore contributing to swelling in your nose. After your pregnancy the swelling should resolve.



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Pregnancy can make the nose swell

Yes, pregnancy can increase the swelling in the nose which should reverse itself once you have delivered.

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Pregnancy and Nasal Swelling

Fluid retention is frequently a problem with pregnant women - the nose is not immune to that swelling. Your nose never had a chance to heal after surgery because of the relative short time before conception. As you know, pregnancy is very stressful on a women's body . The swelling will be temporary. Congratulations! 

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