Can Nose Lose Its Shape Post Rhinoplasty?

My nose looked very nice and sharp and thin which I loved, after rhinoplasty. However, I used a nose spray for a few days and ever since it looks fat and bad now. I even went to a family doctor and he gave me a anti-biotic cream(Fuicidine) or so is the name and that didnt help it either. I also tried salinex and it didnt do the trick either. Now I'm very scared because is my nose going to remain fat and ugly? I know its swollen but its been 3 weeks now it feels irritated and weird from inside.

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Nose Loses Shape after Rhinoplasty

The slim, defined nose you saw immediately after surgery will return when swelling resolves. This may take up to 1 year. The nasal spray had little or nothing to do with the normal post op swelling you observed. 

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Swollen tip after Rhinoplasty

I don't believe that the nasal spray had any effect on the swelling after your Rhinoplasty.  Noses swell after Rhinoplasty and do so unevenly...this is something that I always explain can and will happen to all postop Rhinoiplasty patients.  By all means ask your surgeon for his/her advice on best post Rhinoplasty care but do not apply all sorts of creams, ointments, sprays without the consent of your surgeon as you may cause more swelling, not less.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Rhinoplasty results take 1 year.

It  is normal for the nose to be this swollen after surgery. Be patient as this often takes a year for the last of the swelling to go.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Loss of nose shape

After three weeks it is very difficult to determine what the actual shape of the nose will be.  Initially after surgery before much swelling occurs, you can get an idea of the final shape.  Swelling then occurs and usually is at its peak about a week after surgery.  The nature of the skin on the nose is such that it takes a very long time for all of the swelling to go away--about a year and sometimes longer.  I would strongly caution you against using any sprays or ointments in your nose without first consulting with your surgeon.  

Jeffrey E. Kyllo, MD
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Changing shape of nose after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, you may go through a period of time when your nose is swollen and the shape may appear to be changing as the swelling resolves.  Without before and after pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Fat and Bad Looking Nose Spray

Hi Mintu,

Time to visit your rhinoplasty surgeon for answers to your question.  In the mean time, stay away from "Fat and Bad Looking Nose Spray".  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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After rhinoplasty later loss of shape

It is not the norm for a nose to lose it's shape after initial success with rhinoplasty, unless there is a problem with something which caused inflammation to return such as a a bump, or infection. You did not mention whether you have a nasal implant which could be a red flag. Your family doctor may be helpful, but it is time to see your surgeon to find out what is going on.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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