I Was Wondering if There Were Any Cosmetic Procedures That Could Be Done to Lift the Placement of my Ears on my Head?

Looking straight on, the tops of my ears end below my eyes & the lobes end at about where the creases of my mouth are. I know there are corrective surgeries for low set ears, but after researching, i don't think i have that. Also my ears have pretty normal folds and are actually about average size so I don't think it is a problem with them being too small. This is a problem for me because the distance from the top of my ears to my forehead line is great so it looks like I have a big forehead.

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Ear Correction Surgery

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Unfortunately your ear position is going to be determined largely by the location of your ear canal which can not be easily moved. The ear can be reshaped to some degree but usually not 'moved' more than a few millimeters. I would still suggest speaking with a facial plastic surgeon with experience not only in otoplasty but microtia repair as you may be able to reshape part of the ear to create the illusion of moving your ear.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ear Lifting Procedure Produces Minimal Effect

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The ear position on the side of one's head is relatively fixed. The ear location on the side of the head is 'pinned down' by the central position of the ear canal. This acts as an anchor for the outer ear cartilages. While some slight upward rotation can be obtained by suture plication from the upper portion of the concha to the temporalis fascia, this effect is not a dramatic one but a few millimeters of change.

Lifting or changing the location of ears

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Minor shifts of ear locations can be done , but unfortunately such movements are limited to a centimeter or less due to the fact that they must remain centered over the ear canal. Obviously the ear canal can not be moved. If you only need a minor shifting then I would recommend getting a consult from a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck. 


Jay Burns, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Procedure to Change the Position of the Ears

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A procedure known as Otoplasty can be performed to make the ears less prominent in their relationship to the skull.  However, there is no procedure which can reliably elevate the ears.  As others have mentioned, the rate limiting step is the positioning of the external auditory canal, which has a cartilaginous and a bone component.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Changing ear position

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Unfortunately, the ear can be modified to a fair degree moving in or away from the scalp, but it canot be elevated by much. This is because the auditory canal is cenetered in the ear and anchored into the skull-distortion of the canal would not be desireable either.

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Daniel Medalie, MD

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