Will a closed reduction of a nasal fracture be effective 19 days after injury? Will it be healed and look normal within 7 days?

A closed reduction is scheduled for 11-1-16,with my ENT Dr., which is 19 days after the injury occurred. I can definitely feel the bump and also see the crookedness. My doctor mentioned that she could not see it, but could feel it.Is 19 days after injury too late to have the reduction be effective and will the visual part of the healing process be complete after 7 days. Also if it is too late to do the closed reduction, what are my options? My insurance does not cover plastic surgery.

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Closed reduction of nasal fracture versus open reduction of a nasal fracture

In our practice, we do not feel that a closed reduction nasal fracture is very helpful in most instances  And it still leaves the patient with a significant visual deformity.  In our practice we perform an open reduction of nasal fracture through the closed rhinoplasty approach by making all incisions on the inside.  This involves placement of osteotomies in the nasal bones to straighten and realign them properly.  Many patients also need a spreader graft placement on the concave side.  A cast is applied across the bridge of the nose for 1 week after the surgery, and anticipate 2 weeks of swelling and bruising after the surgery.  Trying to perform a closed reduction 19 days after the injury will not be very successful since the bones have already started to heal crooked. For many before and after examples of cartilage repair in our practice, please see the link and the video below

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Closed Reduction for Nasal Bone Fractures

Sorry to hear that you have a recent nasal bone fracture. For dorsal deformities, displaced nasal bone fractures or comminuted fractures most surgeons recommend closed reduction with external fixation to be performed within 21 days or so of the date of injury. Since you are at 19 days, your surgeon should be able to reduce your fracture under general anesthesia without too much difficulty. After reduction and splint removal in 5-7days, patients may have some persistent nasal swelling (normal). It takes at least 12 weeks for the nasal bones to heal and up to 6-12 months from injury to determine if additional nasal surgery is indicated. Most patient do return to work or school within 7-10 days of a closed reduction. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 

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