How Widespread Will the Bruising Be After a Rhinoplasty?

What areas of the face should it be expected to spread? Eye area? Cheeks? Neck?

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

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The extent of bruising really depends on what you have done. Obviously, the more extensive your surgery, the larger the bruising tends to be, and this can affect your eyes (you'll have black eyes) and cheeks. 

Some things that you can do to reduce bruising

avoid tobacco and alcohol at least three weeks before and after surgery
don't take vitamin E, any aspirin-based medications, and garlic or fish oil tablets for two weeks before and after surgery
avoid strenuous exercise as you heal, and avoid swimming for at least 6 weeks after surgery
 take bromelain and/or arnica supplements before and after surgery, if advised by your surgeon

Rhinoplasty bruising

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Some patients experience minimal bruising under their eyes and some patients can have bruising that spreads down to their cheekbone region. It is important for patients to follow their preoperative instructions, which should contain information about not taking any medications containing aspirin, or taking anything that is a blood thinner. I typically recommend for my patients to take Arnica Montana before surgery to reduce bruising and swelling. There are recommended doses, so please check with your surgeon before taking any. For more information on this procedure, take a look at the link below. Best of luck to you! 


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Bruising after rhinoplasty varries greatly from patient to patient. Some rhinoplasty patients never bruise but, whatever bruising you have will soon be gone

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Bruising after Rhinoplasty

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The amount of bruising will depend on how extensive the rhinoplasty. Is it a closed technique where only the dorsum of your nose is being addressed, or is it an extensive open rhinoplasty with osteotomies? Either way, there are things you can do to minimize swelling and bruisng. Do not use "blood thinning" medications for a couple of weeks after your procedure (aspirin, advil, homeopathics), keep the head of your bed elevated when you sleep, and use cold compresses the first few days after surgery. The extent of bruising can included the area under your eyes and lateral aspects of your nose.

Bruising after rhinoplasty

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Bruising after rhinoplasty really depends on how much bone work needs to be done. If you need a lot of narrowing of the nose you are more likely to get bruising. Even when it occurs though it is generally mild and most is gone by the end of a week or so. Things that you can do to decrease your bruising includes avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen-like medicines, Vitamin E and many herbal supplements for at least two weekd before surgery. I recommend Arnica Montana which is a homeopathic preparation but check first with your surgeon. Good luck.

Bruising after rhinoplasty surgery

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Most of the bruising is around the eye area. Some patients have little to no bruising while others may have more. The bruising could travel down from the eye area Into the cheek area however this is fairly uncommon. Make sure you stay off of aspirin containing medications, herbs, vitamins and other known blood thinners and this will help with post operative bruising. Apply some eye compresses for the first 24 hours and you should be good to go! Best regards! Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Extent of bruising after rhinoplasty

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Bruising after rhinoplasty typically is around the eye areas but can extend to the cheeks. While it is possible to extend to the neck area, I have never personally seen that happen.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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