How Can I Tell If My Nose Is Swelling Unevenly Or If There Is Something More Serious?

Had an open rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago to remove my hump, narrow my bulbous nose and lift the tip. Right side of my upper bridge overtime developed a small hard bump and a few millimeters under the bump there's a dent. My general left side looks and feels smoother, fuller, and straighter however. The unevenness from the right side of my nose seem to of caused my frontal view to look as if it's curving. What could of caused my little bump and dent? Should I be concerned? I have thick oily skin btw.

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Nose uneven swelling or irregularity along bridge following Rhinpoplasty

Subtle asymmetries of the nasal bridge following rhinoplasty that you can feel but not necessarily see are quite common following rhinoplasty.  These need not be corrected.   More dramatic asymmetries that you can both feel and see may need to be corrected but at seven weeks it is too early to tell.  The nose changes in the healing process following rhinoplasty  subtly for months to even years.    You should definitely discuss your concerns with your surgeon because he or she will want to know and examine you in person.   Some solutions for minor asymmetries including the injection of subcutaneous fillers.   Surgical correction or revision rhinoplasty may also be performed but is usually not done until a year after the initial procedure to allow time for healing and the nose to change. 

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Bumps on the bridge after rhinoplasty

After seven weeks it may be too soon to tell. However, the bump and indentation on one side of the nose are probably not asymmetric swelling and are an imperfection in the bone and the cut in the bone. The dent is likely to stay, though it is too soon to judge. Point out the problem to your surgeon so he can follow the healing with you, and in several months plan a fix if needed.

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The imperfections in your nasal bridge after Rhinoplasty Surgery may improve as you continue to heal.

7 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery is too soon to tell if the bump and indentation on your right bridge will be permanent. I do not see pre-op photos, but you appear to have a nice result, so far. Thick skin tends to hold on to swelling longer than thin skin.

If these imperfections are present after a few months, you may want to consider an Injectable Filler treatment to restore symmetry. My personal preference is to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results.

Good luck with the rest of your healing.

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