When Can I Use my Contacts After Eyelid Surgery?

When can I start putting my contacts in again after upper and lower blepharoplasty eyelid surgery?

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Contacts after eyelid surgery

I allow my patients to try soft contact lenses as soon as 6-7 days following surgery. I encourage gas-permeable lens wearers to wait a little longer unless they can remove the lenses without tugging on the corner of the eye. This does not mean patients chose to wear the lenses so soon!  The lids will feel funny - both numb and sensitive - for a few months after surgery and so may the lenses. Also - very important - I remind all patients before surgery to make sure they have current prescription glasses and sunglasses to avoid rushing back into lenses.

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Contact use after eye surgery

Many of my patients ask that question. I tell my patients that they may begin using their contact lenses approximately 2 weeks after eyelid surgery. Naturally, it depends on how the patient puts in their lens. Care should be taken when inserting the lenses so as not to separate the incision. Each doctor has their own recommendation so you should ask your own physician. Good luck

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Wearing contacts after eyelid surgery

As the other doctors have indicated, there are different methods of doing eyelid surgery. In general, however, I wouldn't want a patient to distract the eyelid for 2 weeks following surgery. In addition, the physiology of the tear function can take a while to get back to normal, and in more extensive lower lid procedures (eg. cheek lift) you would want to wait three weeks or more before wearing your contacts.

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Wearing contacts after Blepharoplasty

This depends on the particular surgery you are getting. In general, I tell people to wait to wear contacts two weeks after the procedure to allow the incisions to heal and to give you time for any discomfort from the procedure to be more tolerable. The discomfort can be an issue with contacts when you have to stretch your eyelids to put them in. It usually happens that at 2 weeks, your discomfort from the procedure is also much improved for you to put your contacts in as well.

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Contact lenses after blepharoplasty

The answer will vary by patient. Typically, for upper eyelid surgery, 1 week or so is enough. For lower eyelids, it is about 2 weeks or so (and will vary depending on how you are healing).

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Two weeks until contact lenses are OK after eyelid surgery

My smart aleck answer to this would be, "When your surgeon says so." Seriously, though, this is one question on which virtually all of us agree on the answer: about TWO WEEKS (three, if you really want to be super cautious).

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The length of time before contacts depends on the type...

The length of time before contacts depends on the type of eyelid surgery that you have.

If you have upper eyelid surgery, generally a week is long enough for the incisions to heal before putting in contacts.

For lower eyelid surgery, things can get more complicated. There are several approaches to the lower eyelid. An incision can be made inside of the lower eyelid, called the transconjunctival approach. With this approach, two weeks is probably safer before wearing contacts again. In skin approaches where an incision is made in the skin of the lower eyelid, less time should be needed before putting in contacts.

As with everything, it is best to consult with your surgeon.

D.J. Verret, MD
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A very common blepharoplasty question is "when can I put...

A very common blepharoplasty question is “when can I put contacts in?" I usually say approximately ten days after the surgery.

I also instruct the patients that they will find their eyes quite tired for the first week after the surgery, simply because of the swelling around their eyelids, so I discourage reading for six to eight hours a day in the convalescent period.

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Contacts after eyelid surgery

I allow most patients to put contacts in 1 week after surgery. At that point the swelling is usually decreased enough to allow the contact lenses to fit properly.  Their are some other factors that are made in determining when contact are ok to put in and that is mainly based upon what was done during the surgery.  Discuss this with your surgeon for their recommendation.

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When Can I Use my Contacts After Eyelid Surgery?

For upper eyelid surgery it is best to wait 1-week before using your contact lenses.
For lower eyelid surgery it is best to wait 2-weeks before using your contact lenses.
A further consideration is that with blepharoplasty the tear production may be effected and the eyes may feel more tired for a few weeks after surgery and it may be more comfortable to reduce contact lens wear to 6-8 hours for the first few weeks.

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