When Can I Get Back to the Gym After a Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I did a Nose Job surgery on August 13th, 2013. I just want to know when can i get back to working out? Can I get back now? or do i have to wait some times? My nose is clearly swollen now, I can feel the bumps around the bridge. In my opinion, I think i should go back to the Gym when the swellings are gone. But I just wanted to ask and make sure. Thank you!

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When can I get back to the gym after a rhinoplasty?

It is best to refrain from intense physical activity for at least 4-5 weeks after surgery. Not doing so can increase swelling and delay your healing time. I would recommend following up with your surgeon regarding his or her specific post-operative guidelines. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Returning to the Gym After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Every patient does heal differently, but I generally advise my patients to avoid strenuous activity for 3 weeks after rhinoplasty, and then ease into physical activity based on how you are feeling. Just be careful to avoid activities that put you at risk of bumping the nose.

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When Can I Get Back to the Gym After a Rhinoplasty?

         I think that in uncomplicated cases return to the gym at 2 weeks is OK, but you should always check with your surgeon.


Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Most patients can return to the gym in about two weeks after rhinoplasty.

Returned to the gym is directed by your own plastic surgeon. In my practice patients can resume athletic activity in about two weeks provided the nose is not put in harms way.

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When Can I Get Back to the Gym After a Rhinoplasty?

In most cases, patients can resume physical activity in 3-4 weeks but you should check with your surgeon.

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Excercise after rhinoplasty

You will get many different opinions about exercise after rhinoplasty and our practice routine is a return to exercise after four weeks. You should avoid any bumps or injury to protect your result and investment.

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Activity after Rhinoplasty

You will experience some bruising and swelling, both of which will subside in one to two weeks. You may feel congested for about a week to ten days after surgery. Heavy activity should be avoided for at least two weeks. Sun exposure and activity which could involve bumping your nose should be avoided for at least two months.

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Return to exercise after Rhinoplasty

To answer your question you may return to full exercise NOW, remembering to ease into you past level of exercise since you have been off for 7 weeks.

In general we recommend patients don’t exercise at all for 2 weeks and avoid contact sports for 6 weeks.  You do not need to wait until all the swelling has resolved.  At 2 weeks 80% of your swelling is be gone, at 2 months 90%, and all swelling is gone at  9-12 months.

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