Is it normal for eyes to be sunken after forehead lipoma removal?

I had a lipoma removed from my forehead 2 days ago and I am now noticing that my eyes are becoming sunken. I first noticed the change a little bit yesterday. The area above my eyes (t-zone) in a little puffy and I'm wondering if that is causing the change in my eyes. I feel like my face looks different because of the sunken eyes. My eye lids are all scrunched up when I close eyes. It also makes it appear that the space between my eyes is larger. This may just be an allusion.

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Eyes sunken after forehead lipoma removal

From your description of your appearance after the removal of your forehead lipoma, I would say the change is almost certainly due to the swelling that occurred after the procedure.  Your appearance should return to normal after the swelling improves over the next several days.  

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Is it normal for eyes to be sunken after forehead lipoma removal?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your lipoma removal.  When any mass is removed from the scalp or forehead it is not uncommon for swelling to develop that then travels downwards towards the eyebrows and eyelids.  This can cause substantial swelling that can make your eyes look sunken and your glabella region larger.  As this swelling dissipates you should see improvement back to your original appearance, except for the lipoma.  Hang in there and allow yourself time to heal.

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