Lipomas. (photo)

I have had a lipoma for over a two weeks it is now very painful and red. I Keep going to the dr. and they tell me that it's infected they prescribed an antibiotic and I need to wait for the general surgeon appointment in two weeks... No images have been done we don't even know for sure if it's a Lipoma... What can I do..

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#Lipoma - now very painful and red

This doesn't sound like a lipoma as your description (painful and red) as atypical.  It sounds more like an inflamed cyst.While injecting a cyst may be adequate early in its course, it sounds like this one needs to be drained (not as big a procedure as you might think...).  See a board-certified plastic surgeon near you for what is likely to be definitive treatment (sometimes the cyst will need to be excised once the immediate infection has been treated).I hope that this helps and good luck,Dr. Alan EnglerMember of #RealSelf500

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Forehead lump

This is most likely a sebaceous cyst/ epidermal inclusion cyst. Imaging is not typically necessary. Once the infection and inflammation have resolved it needs to be removed which will involve an incision over the top of the lesion. Scarring is usually minimal when the procedure is performed properly. Best.
Stephen Weber MD, FACSDenver Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  This appears to be more of an infected sebaceous cyst and not a lipoma based on your picture alone.  Lipomas do not become infected and cause little issue other than a contour irregularity to the skin.  In either case treatment remains the same - surgical excision of the mass in its entirety.  I hope this helps.

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