Can Uneven Scars (Height of Incisions) Eventually Even out and Eyes Look the Same? Eyelid Surgery Post Op 2 Months. (photo)

I'm post op 2 months scar on my right lid is way higher than left. Left eye lid and brow seems big and still swollen. Although the scars are at different heights do the eyes have a chance to look the same?Currently eyes look totally different.

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Eyelid Surgery Recovery

I can appreciate from your pictures that there is a degree of asymmetry of the incisions with the lids closed.  The incision on the right eye appears to have been placed higher than the left, and out of the lid crease.  Fortunately, on frontal view with your eyes open the asymmetry is not very visible at all.  I would suggest allowing time for healing, because upper eyelid incisions usually heal very well, and even if placed outside of the lid crease many times are not visible after the appropriate time has elapsed for healing.  Good Luck

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Can Uneven Scars (Height of Incisions) Eventually Even out and Eyes Look the Same? Eyelid Surgery Post Op 2 Months.

I understand your issues but at 2 months still early. Allow 6 months healing. Plus the froward gaze photo I see no real differences. I believe over time with full maturation of the incisions you will not be able to see the differences in upper gaze. Reasons for incision placement could be the excess skin in either lid, poor planning/markin, surgeon error, surgeon's correction of unevenness in the pre operative views. 

Eyelid Surgery Concerns at 2 Months

         Preoperative pictures would be instructive in this case.  I can appreciate the difference in scar position with closed eyes.  On frontal gaze, the asymmetry is not very noticeable.  Consider a couple of things.  The distance from your brow to your crease is the same on both eyes in frontal gaze.  In addition, the apparent distance from your lid margin to the crease is the same on frontal gaze.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Can Uneven Scars (Height of Incisions) Eventually Even out and Eyes Look the Same? Eyelid Surgery Post Op 2 Months.

 From the photos provided it appears that the right eyelid incision, although well healed 2 months after the Upper Eyelid Surgery, is positioned above the upper eyelid crease at a location that's different than the left side.  This will not change further or lower IMHO.  You might want to discuss this with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that performed your Blepharoplasty for further advice.

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Uneven scars

As the skin in the eyelid and brow settle, the incisions will even out a good amount. The color will also improve and they should become less visible  over time. 

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Eyelid surgery

There will be some changes over the next few months, and I would not recommend any revision surgery until you are at least 6-12 months out.

Eyelid surgery / Post op

I see what you mean with regards to the assymetric eyelid creases.  The contour of the crease incision is nice and should fade into a natural appearing crease.  This is much less obvious when you are looking staight ahead as opposed to downward.  Give it time, 6-12 months. Cover it up with make up in the meanwhile.  Things tend to even up over time.  I would avoid rushing into any reoperations.  I hope this helps.

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