Will Voluma cheek injections improve under eye hollows?

I currently have Restylane injected in my tear troughs. I have had it injected twice. The first time I had one syringe injected, and I needed more after 6 months. My last injection of another syringe was 4 months ago. The Restylane injections have been an improvement, but have not given me the results that I want. I am considering injecting Voluma into my cheeks. I think I need it regardless, but will this improve my under eye hollows? If not, what are other alternatives.

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Voluma - great for cheeks, not for tear troughs or under eye hollows

Voluma is a wonderful product, when administered conservatively in the appropriate area by an experienced injector. Voluma is not designed for under eye hollows. It could likely result in a lumpy looking appearance.  The ONLY material I find predictable for tear troughs or under eye hollows is your own fat. Fat grafting can also  create problems, like lumpiness, or an overfilled look. But, when performed by a surgeon with expertise, experience, patience and attanetion to detail, the result can be beautiful. It can also be permanent. before having material injected into your tear trough or under eye area, I would strongly suggest viewing a minimum of a dozen patients and before and after photos from thee angles to see what their result is like. View photos after weeks, and months after the procedure. Ideally,  a plastic surgeon should be able to share several dozen patient images. But just four or five photos aren't enough.  Photos are just a start when looking for a plastic surgeon, but photos can provide evidence of outcomes. 

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Voluma in cheeks can improve appearance of under eye area.

I think this is a great question. Voluma or other filler injections planced into the cheek area can certainly improve the appearance of distal under eye wrinkles and smooth contours. This happens because the skin becomes more taught from being volumized in the cheeks, so excess skin under the eye smoothens and looks younger.
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Kaleroy Papantoniou, MD, FAAD
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Voluma in the cheeks can indirectly soften under-eye hollows

Yes, volume cheek injections improves under-eye hollows, but it does so indirectly.  

Putting volume in the lateral cheeks gently pulls the cheek skin towards the ear.  This often results in a subtle reshaping/softening of the under-eye area.  For patients, such as yourself, with a flatter mid face, adding volume into the cheeks, under the tear trough, camouflages mild under-eye bags.  

Melissa Chiang, MD, FAAD
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Voluma for Under Eye Hollows?

Voluma should not be used to target under eye hollows.  It is specifically designed for adding volume to the cheeks which can help mask the transition between eyelid and cheek. It is very technique dependent and require an injector with a great deal of experience. 

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Absolutely a good option.

We have been using Voluma since it's release in early December 2013 and have extremely pleased with its effect at volumizing the tissues. It can be used safely if done conservatively up to the bony orbital rim, including the "tear trough" deformity and the outer (lateral) eyelid area. Your pictures appear to show a lumpiness to the eyelids, and if lumps can be felt, they can be treated effectively with injections of hyaluronidase which breaks down any hyauronic acid material (Restylane) injected previously. This is also true of Voluma which is 100% reversible if needed. It also lasts for over 2 years, making it very cost effective. It has quickly become our favorite injectable similar to its approval and use in Canada

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Voluma cheek injections can improve under eye hollows

Voluma, which is currently the thickest and longest lasting of the Allergan injectable fillers, is ideal in restoring projection of the cheek.  As a result, this re-establishes the lid-cheek junction – an important landmark of the face in which the thicker cheek skin will be slightly higher than the thin eyelid skin where they meet overlying the bony orbital rim.  Once this is established, the next step would be to address any “tear trough” depressions with a filler, and Voluma is one of the filler options for this as well. The overall goal of volume correction with fillers in the lower lid is to diminish/remove any shadows from depressions and establish the normal highlights and lowlights of that part of the face as the eyelid transitions from the eyelashes to the eyelid to the cheek.

Hope you found this answer helpful.  All the best!

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Restylane usually provides patients with the best non-surgical results for hollow under eyes. Voluma should not be injected under the eyes. However, like you said, Voluma is a great treatment to enhance the cheeks and in some cases as a result improve the appearance of under eye hollows. You should find an expert injector who has a lot of experience with Voluma injections to make sure you get the best results possible. Good luck!

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Voluma for eye hollows

Thank you for your question. Voluma is a great product to provide more definition and lift to the cheeks and will indirectly soften the under eye hollow (subtle but noticeable). Every patient will have their own individual needs and the technique is extremely important to help maximize amount of lifting and shaping using the least amount of product. I conduct many train many injectors on some advance techniques and find that most patients can see a noticeable change with 1-2 syringes of Voluma. Some may need more to get their desired effect. I would recommend visiting with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who can help conduct a thorough assessment and develop an overall treatment plan for you.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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Under eye

Voluma is primarily used for cheek augmentation and can be a nice compliment to restylane or fat transfer surgery to address the lower eyelids.
I would suggest consulting with an Oculoplastic surgeon or eyelid specialist for an evaluation and proper discussion of your options for the best result.

Malena Amato, MD
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Depends On You

Voluma is not FDA approved to be injected directly into the tear trough area however injecting it into the medial cheek can definitely make the eye appear less hollow.

David L. Robbins, MD, FACS
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