What are Voluma XC risks or side effects?

Can any injector who does Botox competently also do Voluma? What are risks or side effects if done incorrectly?

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Voluma Injections Done By Expert Injectors Only

With Voluma, I recommend that you choose a very experienced injector. It is new on the market, and, while it is made out of hyaluronic acid (like Restylane or Juvederm), the cross-linking makes it much more of a "solid" liquid. This may sound weird, but if you squirt Juvederm or Restylane onto a surface, they make a puddle. If you squirt Voluma, it looks like a Hershey's Kiss.

Voluma is supposed to be very long lasting, and is meant to be placed deep (just above the bone) in the cheek area. It is a great filler, and when done correctly, looks amazing.

Most doctors that inject a lot of Botox, also inject a lot of filler, but:
Botox is not a filler. It is a protein that binds to the junction between the nerve and the muscle and causes the muscle to not respond to the nerve (so it decreases wrinkles because you can't contract the muscles in that area). Botox is always metabolized, and any unwanted outcome will go away.

The major risks of Voluma being injected incorrectly (too superficially, too much in one location, no placed just above bone) would be the development of an unwanted lump or asymmetry. You can use hyaluronidase to dissolve the Voluma, but it still might leave unwanted asymmetry or lumpiness. Again, I would definitely recommend an experienced doctor.

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Voluma treatments

As important as it is that Botox injections are done by skilled providers,  treating with Voluma XC for full-face volume-enhancement  is best done by more  experienced  injectors familiar with facial anatomy and aging patterns .  Having said that--it is as much artistry as it is skill ,so it is important to convey the correction you are seeking!

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Voluma -- Getting the Right Practitioner

Voluma is a different animal from many of the other fillers.
It goes deeper and lasts longer.

You should look for a practitioner who has had some experience and one who will give you the look you want.

The goal of any aesthetic treatment is to make you look refreshed and natural, not artificial.  I suggest to my Voluma patients that if their friends ask who did their filler, I've not done a great job!

So ask around.  Don't be afraid to ask a practitioner who trained them to use Voluma or other fillers and what their philosophy is with regard to aesthetics.  If you feel that it's just bottom line for them and you're being "sold" on either something you really don't want or more than you want, move on to somebody else.

The world is filled with many ethical, wonderful practitioners, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who see this field as art more than business.  Making you happy and giving you the look you want is their goal.

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Voluma injections

Not all injectors feel comfortable with every filler that is on the market. We all have different reasons for using certain fillers. It is important that you go to an injector who you can trust and who has experience using Voluma. It is a great product, but as with all fillers, you can have complications, and an injector with experience will know how to handle these situations. Overall, I would say that there are very few complications that occur with Voluma, except for maybe bruising or swelling, but these are normal for anyone getting injections. Hopefully the bruising is minimal and the swelling goes down quickly. It is important to feel like your injector knows the product, and ask to see their before and after pictures. Most injectors will have plenty of pictures to show you. 

Voluma Risks

Botox and Voluma are very different products that require vastly different techniques for injecting. Both require an expert injector with a lot of experience to get optimal results. Just because a physician is great with botox doesn’t mean that he or she will be a good Voluma injector. Voluma has been FDA approved to be injected deep into the cheek hollows to help restore volume. Botox is injected more superficially and in other areas. When considering Voluma injections it’s important to do your research to find an experienced injector who will consult with you to answer any questions that you have before the treatment. Voluma is a very safe product to inject, although there are always risks involved with any injectable product. Most commonly patients experience slight tenderness and swelling at the injection site which usually resolves within a week. One huge benefit for Voluma is that in the rare case that something goes wrong, the results can be reversed because it’s a hyaluronic acid. I use Voluma all the time in my practice, and my patients are very satisfied with their results.

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Voluma Side Effects

Voluma is a new filler treatment, so not every Botox injector will be familiar with how to administer it properly. I would suggest seeking Voluma injections only from a board-certified dermatologist who has experience successfully treating patients with Voluma. Some patients may experience slight redness or swelling where the Voluma was injected, however the potential side effects are drastically reduced when performed by an expert Voluma injector. 

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Experience is a must

It is always the best option to get a consultation, before you commit to getting anything done. What might be right for you, might not be right for someone else, and vice versa. As an experienced provider of injectable fillers, I can attest that it is a safe and effective treatment when applied by a trained professional. While it takes 2-10 days for the swelling to go down, depending on the area, the results are long-lasting. Most clients need 1-2 syringes for a dramatic effect, but some require more. This depends on the amount of product you need to achieve your desired look. Any facial enhancement requires a great deal of precision and skill and can really alter the balance of your face when done poorly. Be wary of pricing that is overly discounted. If you have questions or concerns after your appointment, it is recommended that you contact your provider as soon as possible!  Best of luck!

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Risks with Juvederm Voluma

Two of the most common side effects of Voluma are swelling and bruising.  Lumps and bumps are always a risk with any filler but are not as common if done by an experienced injector.

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Voluma done by board certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons

Voluma is different than botox. Both require the provider to understand the anatomy of the face, its blood flow distribution, bony landmarks and nerve pathways.

As a deep filler Voluma is placed often on top of the bone underneath the muscles. The injector needs to be cautious not to inject into a blood vessel and have the filler travel through the vein or artery to vital structures. Some side effects of injecting fillers are: bruising, infection, soreness,lumpiness, temporary numbness and undercorrection. Complications include but are not limited to: immune reactions causing delayed granulomas, nodules or lumps, bleeding collecting underneath called a hematoma, interference with circulation and scabbing of overlying skin causing scarring, overcorrection, intravascular (within a blood vessel) spread, and even but fortunately extremely rarely, blindness.

It is best to see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for Voluma, or any filler and / or Botox.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox is a neuromodulator, and Juvederm is a gel filler

Voluma and Botox are completely different types of injectables; Botox is a neuromodulator while Voluma is a hyaluronic acid gel filler. Many injectors can perform both, but it is advisable to find one who is experienced in Voluma injections specifically and knows facial anatomy well. Side effects of Voluma can include some swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site. If injected improperly, patients may end up with irregular or uneven contours, or may be over or under filled. Always see a board-certified dermatologist for any injections.

Kimberly Butterwick, MD
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