What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my otoplasty 1 week post op? (photo)

Hello i ve been one week after my otoplasty but iam not satisfied since my ears went back a lot than expected what should i do?

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Otoplasty Results

What you're experiencing is a normal part of otoplasty recovery. Initially, the ears may look too far back, but as they heal and relax they revert to a more natural looking appearance. One week is not enough time to begin thinking about a revision surgery.

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Healing after otoplasty

many patients share your concerns at this stage.  A slightly pinned back or overdone appearance is common at this time.  This tends to relax and the upper third or upper half of your ear will come back out to a normal or more natural position.

try not to stress too much.  Fortunately those around you want really notice or make to many comments unless she make a big deal about it.

give it some more time

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Otoplasty post op course

All you need to do is heal and quit worrying.  You look fine.  All ears look a little too far back initially but they will be fine as healing progresses.  This is way way too early to remote judge your ears so be calm and think HEALING which takes one year to completion.   My Best,  Dr C

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Ear surgery

One week post-op is too soon to judge on the final result, you need to follow up with your surgeon regularly up to 6-12 months before thinking about revision. 

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One week after surgery is too early to make a judgment on the results, there is a lot of swelling and  healing that will take 3-6 months to get the final results.
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