Vast difference in opinion from Orthondontist RT treatment plan

I am 51 & considering invisalign for cosmetic reasons. I have moderate crowding of my front teeth & a cross bite on an upper molar on both sides; not the farthest one back but the one before that. My bottom teeth are perfectly straight. My front bite is a little deep. I went to one Ortho last week who did my kids braces (and did a nice job) who told me that he could fix me up in 9 months in invisalign. I didn't get into too many particulars, mostly b/c I don't understand the mechanics of braces. The price was reasonable. He was an elite provider. Today I went to another elite provider & she indicated 16 months in invisalign & told me how she is one of the few experts in the area that can really dramtically change the cosmetic aspects of the smile. She said she takes it an extra notch. She said she could correct my bite issues & by doing some "angulation" of my front teeth, she could give me a nice wide smile & it would also give me a "face lift" and fill out my lips & cheeks. All of that sounded great. She said she get get rid of the black holes in my smile (which I didn't know I had) But then I got the price quote and there was a 2.5 K difference. Granted, the former Ortho was giving me a family discount as well as a professional discount. I would obviously prefer the dynamite smile, but much prefer the 1st guy's price tag. Would you recommend that I go back to the first ortho & see if he can offer me the same thing? How do I initiate this conversation with him? Does the time frame in invisalign drive the price? Also, you will see I have a molar that is a baby tooth with no permanent tooth underneath. Both seemed to think treatment would not hasten it's demise.

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Different Invisalign treatment plans

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I have the feeling you know in your gut that doctor # 2 is getting a little carried away.  The fact is that the Invisalign you get at each office will be quite similar due to the fact that there are inherent limitations in what Invisalign can do.  Invisalign can broaden the arches somewhat, but certainly not enough to give you a "face lift".  Traditional wires and brackets might do a better job of broadening the arches, if that is the main treatment objective.  I would consider asking the first doctor about how he envisions meeting the goals you have for your case.  You might then have a basis for comparing the widely disparate fee quotes you've received

Seattle Orthodontist

Treatment plan difference

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The treatment goals and plan are exactly the same with Invisalign or fixed braces, either clear or metal.  Fixed braces can treat some types of teeth more quickly and efficiently.  Your treatment goals should not be dictated by what type of appliances, either (fixed braces) or removable Invisalign).

The limited information I can get from your description and the photographs, lead me to estimate about a one year treatment time for either fixed braces or Invisalign.  You can use either, but I would rather use SimpliClear clear fixed braces in your case.  I find that the intruding and tipping needed to correct your your upper front teeth are more predictable with fixed braces.  The teeth can only be expanded a minor amount because you are an adult, so don't expect a dramatic change in the width of your smile.

Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield Orthodontist

Invisalign and Face Lift

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It sounds like Doctor #2 is overpromising and I'm afraid you might come to realize she under delivered. Invisalign is not a very good appliance to expand arches. It will upright posterior teeth which will give the appearance of SLIGHT arch expansion but it will NOT give you an overly dramatic wider smile. You might get some added lip support but is that significant enough to warrant the title "face lift?"

Good luck!

Which doctor to go with?

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The second doctor seems to be blowing a lot of smoke!  I just don't see how Invisalign or braces treatment in an adult is going to give a face lift type of effect....and as far a a broader smile, large scale expansion is unstable in adults and generally not called can count on some improvement, but not the huge changes the second doc seems to be promising

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

More than nine months

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In order to fully correct your bite more than nine months would be requiered. You are certainly an Invisalign candidate.

Yes, the smile should look a lot nicer with the upper expanded. I don't know about the "face lift".

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
Encino Orthodontist

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