Alternating Top and Bottom Invisalign Aligners?

The first week of Invisalign I had severe headaches with jaw pain. My Ortho suggested I should alternate them and double the wear time to 4 weeks so an average of only 8-10 hrs per aligner a day(top during day;bottom at night). I am concerned that this is not adequate time for movement and could damage my roots. Would it make better sense to correct the top and then the bottom later? If the next one fits do I assume enough movement has taken place?

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Headaches and jaw pain wearing Invisalign

If there is a sub-clincial myofascial pain (TMJ) problem, it would not  be unusual to have your symptoms. I would recommend discontinuing the Invisalign and seek a definative diagnosis and therapy for the pain.  Good luck.

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Wearing Invisalign trays part time

i would not recommend wearing the trays for less than 22 hours per day if you want to achieve success.  Leaving the trays off for 12 or more hours virtually assures that the teeth will simply never truly be repositioned to the place they're supposed to be at the end of each tray.  Most patients experience less discomfort if they  wear the trays more time rather than less.  If you find wearing the trays unbearable perhaps you could try this alternating approach for the first tray only ... and once you're used to them wear them normally (22 hours per day) for two weeks.  This approach would not work for subsequent trays however, so before you progress to the second tray be sure you've adjusted to wearing Invisalign.

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