Is Acid Etching to Prepare for Invisalign Ok for Sensitive Teeth?

In order to place the buttons for Invisalign the enamel has to be roughed up using acid. Is this a bad idea if someone already has soft and sensitive teeth?

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Etching teeth for Invisalign buttons

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The process of acid etching the enamel of your teeth will not affect them in any adverse way.  The etching prcesss affects only a microscopically thin surface layer of the enamel, and the pores created by the etching are filled in with resin.  The tooth might actually be less sensitive with a resin button on it because the plastic of the button can "insulate" the enamel from various stimuli.  If you have teeth that decay easily be sure to have a thorough check up before getting Invisalign so you aren't surprised partway through your treatment with a cavity that must be restored.

Seattle Orthodontist

Sensitive tooth problems

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When the aligners ( the composite buttons placed on the teeth to help with movement) are placed the tooth surface is etched with phosphoric acid to allow for good bond strength. After the etch is rinsed off then a bonding agent is applied, cured, and the resin is attached. The bonding agent will help with sensitive teeth and is actually a treatment some dentists use to treat sensitivity. If you do have sensitive and soft teeth then the decay and bacteria problem should be addressed before going through with the invisalign. If you do have decay and fillings are done through the course of treatment then the impressions taken at the first appointment will be less accurate!

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

Etching for attachments for invislign

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number one, not every invisalign case requires attachments

number two, the conditioning required for bonding is localized to a small area of enamel, not usually near the sensitive areas of the tooth...I have never had a pt that I could not get bonding done

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Attachment placement will not affect sensitive teeth

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The attachments are placed on the enamel which does not have any feeling. chances are your sensitive teeth are coming from exposed root surfaces.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Acid Etching to prepare for Invisalign

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Acid Etching is safe to use on sensitive teeth in preparation for Invisalign. This is what makes the material bond to the tooth. If the patient does feel some sensitivity, it will only be for a short period of time since we apply the minimal amount needed on the tooth. If you have more questions about Invisalign, we would be happy to schedule a free consultation for you that way Dr. Ayzin can go over everything with you in person and set up a plan of action for your new smile!

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Ayzin

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Is acid etching for Invisalign safe?

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Yes, It is safe.  The acid is only used on a very small part of the teeth which is covered by enamel.  The enamel has no nerves and will not become sensitive, and the etching layer is very shallow and will cause no permanent damage to the teeth.

Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield Orthodontist

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