Does It Take Longer to Correct an Overbite with Invisalign?

How does Invisalign correct an overbite compared with other braces? Are more appointments needed to correct an overbite when using Invisalign?

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Braces vs Invisalign - Your Teeth Won't Know The Difference

Although there are various causes of "overbite," the teeth don't know how force is being applied to them. Whether by wires or by plastic, as long as there is force on the teeth they will move. Some appliances are only possible with fixed appliances (like braces and springs). Others modes of correction, like springs or even surgery, are possible using aligners. Your orthodontist will evaluate the severity and type of overbite that you have and counsel with you regarding the best way to correct your particular problem... which MAY include Invisalign!

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Does it take it longer to correct an over bite with Invisalign then with regular braces

Invisalign ABSOLUTELY corrects over - bite faster and with far, far, less discomfort  then the use of conventional braces.There are several irrefutable reasons for this: the first is that being a "pushing " appliance (it works as you bite into it) the dual benefits is that over- bite is easily corrected by depressing (intruding) your front teeth,while simultaneously  elevating (extruding) your back teeth. However, mantaining (keeping) this over- bite reduction HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER INVISALIGN,OR REGULAR BRACES ARE USED! The sole determinant of post treatment stability appears to be  essentially genetic, as most studies have resulted in  one irrefutable conclusion:40% of all orthodontic cases treated (whether by Invisalign or conventional braces) will have a tendency to revert to their original tooth positions.granted this return is usually only a partial one,to minimize this tendency in my practice, 100% of all of my invisalign cases are given retainers. their use and duration is the topic of another question

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Invisalign can correct overbite!

It doesnt take any longer to correct a deep overbite with invisalign..You will need to have 4 attachments placed on the side teeth to hold the aligners in place while the teeth are pushed back into place. Totally the way to go tho so you dont have to have metal brackets..

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Invisalign and overbites

In general, overbites are caused by misalignment of the jaws and teeth in vertical and horizontal directions.  Invisalign is not suited to the types of tooth movements required to correct overbites unless the overbite is caused by the upper front teeth being spaced apart in a situation where the vertical overlap of the upper and lower teeth is not too great.  It is possible to use 'elastics' with Invisalign to help correct an overbite, but the success of this technique may be limited to minor overbites.  You should have a consultation with an orthodontist who is skilled at both Invisalign and braces to get an honest opinion of which appliance will work for you.

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Is that a trick question? I'll answer it with a "yes" an "no"

It all depends on the cause of the overbite. If it is due to just spacing Invisalign is quite efficient. If it is due to horizontal bite problem making the bite mismatch it is probably better to do braces. If it is a deep overbite where your lower front teeth are hidden behind your lowers when you bite, then braces are better. This is one of the limitations of Invisalign. But a consultation will help you know for sure.

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Correcting an Overbite with Invisalign

The average treatment time for Invisalign cases is 1 year according to Align Technology (makers of Invisalign). Conventional braces will treat similar cases in similar time. HOWEVER, there are many dental problems that Invisalign is NOT ideally suited to treat and deep overbites is one of them. You should consult with a dentist or orthodontist who is more than happy to use either treatment options in order to get an honest and accurate opinion about which treatment option is best for you. If you consult with a dentist who only does Invisalign it's like the proverbial repairman who only has a hammer in his tool bag and therefore uses a hammer to try and fix everything. 

While length of treatment is important to patients AND the treating doctor, what should ultimately dictate the treatment length is resolving all of the patient's concerns and giving the patient a beautiful AND highly functional smile and bite. 

Good luck!

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