Getting my old nose back or similar! Help me please.

I had done a rhinoplasty with a board certified surgeon. my main goal is to get my nose smaller in shape overall. however, the surgeon defined my tip which i don't like. and my nostrils are shown and my columella is hanging and they were e never a problem before( i want to reverse that like the way it was before) . i know its impossible to get my nose back 100% but at least 70% if it could. basically what is the maximum can be done to have my nose similar to before?

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Revision to reduce size

Based on your photos it does seem as if it is larger.  My understanding would be improved if I knew how far out you were.  You have thick skin, that type stays swollen longer than thinner skin.  So if it has been less than a year or even two I would say hold tight for a little while.  Either way, a revision can likely make your nose smaller.

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