Can Untrasonic Lipo Cause Sciatic Nerve Damage?

I also noticed that my sciatic nerve hurts a little, so I was wondering is it was from ultrasonic lipo.

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Can ultrasonic liposuction cause sciatic injury?

The answer is yes, but very unlikely.  There are now increasing reports of sciatic neuropathy after body contouring procedures despite all adequate precautions.  This is particularly true in the massive weight loss population.  Regardless, the condition usually resolves with time.

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Lipo and sciatic nerve pain

It is possible that sciatic nerve pain could have developed from ultrasonic liposuction in the vicinity, and so could positioning before and after surgery, and so could swelling.

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Liposuction and sciatic nerve injury

It would be unusual for any type of liposuction to cause a sciatic nerve injury.  The nerve is deep to the plane of the liposuction surgery.  Many different problems can result in sciatica or sciatic pain.  If it doesn't improve or resolve in a few days you should check with your regular medical doctor.

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Nerve injuries are rare but possible with any type of liposuction.

Sciatic nerve discomfort after surgery is most likely not a direct result of your liposuction surgery. This nerve is fairly deep and well protected. However, it is very possible to cause irritation with positioning in the operating room, swelling after surgery or changes to your activity level after surgery. You should monitor the discomfort and discuss this with your doctor if your symptoms are not improving.

Ultrasonic liposuction is associated with more sensory nerve changes than other techniques. It most cases the skin sensation is altered  for 1 -2 months after the surgery but then returns to normal.

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Sciatic Pain and Ultrasonic Liposuction.

I think the sciatica is unrelated.   The sciatic nerve is quite deep.  I suppose its possible but very unlikely.  You may have  just some postoperative normal recovery discomfort.  Give it more time.  Take some Advil daily.  Walk, get exercise.  Time will cure this whatever the cause.  Good luck.

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Sciatic nerve pain after liposuction

You need to give a bit more information for a good answer; What pain are you having, where, when did it start, do you have back problems, where was your Liposuction done (on your body).  

However, I think it would be hard to hit the sciatic nerve with the ultrasound probe or the liposuction cannula.  The nerve is deep and pretty well protected. It may be that you had some underlying disk disease and the surgical position aggravated the nerve.  It could be also that the pain has nothing to do with surgery, or it could be normal post procedure pain.

Talk with your surgeon, and if in doubt, your primary care doctor can start your workup for sciatica.


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Doubtful to have sciatica from liposuction treatment

If your back's position is in such a held place that is not good for you ergonomically then maybe a preexisting herniated disc or foramen stenosis was pinching the nerve from this position of lying on the table. The nerve is not in an area that is easy to reach with liposuction but the ultrasonic energy might, although doubtful, cause irritation in the buttock. There could be other nerve irritations, and sensitivity of skin areas from liposuction. It may be secondary to some swelling that is pushing on a nerve.  You should be evaluated by a neurologist or orthopedist if the symptoms persist for evaluation and treatment.

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Sciatic Nerve pain after Ultrasound Liposuction

It's not very likely that the sciatic nerve pain you feel is from direct injury from ultrasound assisted liposuction.  More likely causes would be from generalized edema (swelling) from liposuction, positioning on the operating table, local edema in the muscle overlying the sciatic nerve from nearby injury (from liposuction), or a preexisting issue that has been aggravated by inactivity after surgery.  It is also possible that the pain in not sciatica at all, but some other temporary pain related to liposuction.

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This is possible but extremely unlikely. Damage from the ultrasound will usual ute over over time and the are heals

David L. Abramson, MD
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