Does Lipotron Really Work? I am a bit overweight by the world standards I am 5"5" & a size 10/12.

I am a bit overweight by the world standards I am 5"5" & a size 10/12. My measurements: arms 13.5 inches, legs 26.5 inches waist 30 inches hips 43 inches chest 38A. I am ok with my body except for I would like to be more firm. Ideally I am only looking to lose 10-15lbs. In reality I could careless about losing 10-15lbs what I really want is to firm up my skin and weightloss would be a fine side effect. What is recommended. I would like to tighten my arms and my legs & abs

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Lipotron for tightening skin.

Lipotron is not approved by the FDA. It is a RF (radio frequency) device that claims to "melt fat" and "tighten" skin all without surgery, by heating the deep fatty tissues (claiming even intra-abdominal fat!) to a depth of 4 inches to temperatures of 113 degrees F. Skin temperature is claimed to be no higher than 106 degrees F.

Let's say that it might work without "cooking" your skin or internal organs. Does it make sense that "emptying out" your skin somehow makes it tighter? Don't give too much credence to the "skin tightening" claim of this device--if it really worked, we would no longer need to do facelifts or tummy tucks! Just plug in the Lipotron and cook yourself up!

Diana, please read your question as if someone else wrote it. You first state that you are "overweight," but in the very next sentence you aver that you are "OK with my body" EXCEPT that you want to be "more firm." In the next sentences you say you are "looking to lose 10-15 lbs" but "could care less about losing 10-15 lbs." Then you again ask for "firming up" of the skin with the "fine side effect" of weight loss.

I will try to say this gently, but you know you are overweight, would like to lose that weight, and don't want your skin to look wrinkly or flabby (cellulite) if you lose the weight. Elasticity is not obtained via a Lipotron or any other machine--either you have it genetically, or you don't, and elasticity can be overcome by enough weight gain, as gastric bypass patients show us daily. If you are young and only 10-15 lbs overweight, you probably have good skin tone (maybe not so good in the abdomen if you have had babies), and you need to eat slightly less and exercise slightly more.

Unfortunately, that's not very popular (or easy), so we would rather seek out a machine or a device, or a "special doctor" to help us with that. Don't waste your money on Lipotron, or any other similar device. I you can't or won't lose weight, see a board-certified (American Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon for advice about liposuction of the specific areas of concern, and let an expert assess your skin tone and suitability for surgery. Otherwise, good luck with the diet and exercise!

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Lipotron and liposuction

Lipotron is not FDA-approved, so you will not find surgeons on this site promoting its use. Some modalities are not FDA-approved because they are not YET approved, and others are not approved because they should NOT be approved. Hard to know which category something new like Lipotron will ultimately fit into.

I recommend you consult with a well-regarded, board certified plastic surgeon in the south Florida area to see what your options are. Obviously, there are a lot of offices (ours included) that can offer you complementary consultations to help you explore your goals. Make sure the surgeon is certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also, I recommend going to physician-owned and -operated plastic surgery practices.

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Lioptron or liposuction

The jury is still out on Lipotron as an effective technique for removing or reducing fat, and liposuction is the better option. Radio frequency heating of fat to 'melt' the fat away is not yet FDA approved as a safe and effective therapy. Best of wait for more data before your invest.

Best of luck,


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Does Lipotron Really Work?

Lipotron has not been approved yet by the FDA for fat dissolution in the US.

I suggest you wait a bit longer for further  hard data  and approval in our country.

Erel Laufer, MD
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