Has my gyno come back on one side? (Photo)

I had gyno surgery December 2015, On both sides of my chest. I am very happy with my left side and have worked hard to get a shape to my chest. But my right side seems a lot different to my left and don't know what to suggest as its really bugging me, the nipple seems lower and it seems to protude out of my t shirts sll the time. any advice you have?

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Contour Abnormalities Post-Op

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Contour Abnormalities: Although the doctor will make every effort to give you a “perfect” result, the area of excess tissue removal may end up with a contour that is slightly too high or too low. You may feel the “edge” around the areolar dissection. Massage and time (4-6 months) usually eliminates or reduces this problem, if it occurs.Since it has been a longer time than this since your procedure, you will likely want to visit your surgeon in person to evaluate the area and make sure the healing process is continuing well.

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Has my gyno come back on one side?

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Congratulations on having undergone the gynecomastia surgery; based on your photographs, I think that your plastic surgeon has done a nice job for you.  Although definitive advice would require in-person evaluation (best done by your plastic surgeon), I do not see anything of concern on your photograph. Be careful that you are not being too critical of your outcome; again, follow up with your plastic surgeon for more precise evaluation and advice.  Best wishes.

Has my gyno come back on one side?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  You have obtained a very nice result! Overall there is no distinct evidence of gynecomastia on your right chest and both sides appear to have a nice taper without evidence of nipple fullness or herniation.  Nipple position is not affected with gynecomastia surgery outside of possibly reducing the size and darkening of the tissue.  I would voice your concerns to your surgeon so that the two of you can review your pre surgical pictures to compare to your current position.  Hope this helps.  

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