What can I do to get my breasts to sit higher on my chest? (photos)

I am looking for advice. I had a BA revision about 15 weeks ago with implant replacement (400cc), donut mastopexy & strattice. They are a great improvement to my first BA (had bottomed out and were quite saggy) but I feel I would still like them to sit higher on my chest and have my areolas made smaller (I feel they have stretched since the BA). What are my options? I don't want to go any bigger as I am 5ft 2 and petite in frame. would another lift help? Is it possible to raise my breast crease?

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More Upper Pole Fullness

Thank you for your question and photos. Based on the photo you posted vs. your "wish pics" AND the fact that this would be a second revision I would advise a staged mastopexy augmentation. Your nipple position is low and I'm willing to bet that your nipple to fold distance is fairly long as well. A periareolar pexy is decent, at best, when you only need to move the nipple a couple (2cm). Trying to get any meaningful lift will just give the result that you have now; wide areola and inferiorly displaced implants. I would remove the implants, close the old pocket and perform at least a vertical but likely a full mastopexy. This will reestablish the footprint of the breast i.e. reshape the native tissue and place the nipple in the proper position. Then, after you have healed (usually 3mo) re-augment the breast. Given the fact you want more upper pole fullness, I would suggest a shaped implant. Yes, it is a staged procedure and a longer process, but the results will be much more predictable and you will have a better chance of achieving your "wish look". 

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What can I do to get my breasts to sit higher on my chest? (photos)

Hi Jenny Clark,

Thank you for your question and photos.  I feel you would need a vertical lift to achieve smaller areoles and implants that sit higher on your chest.  You will likely need to support the breast tissue with both Strattice and inferior pillars created with a "lollipop" (vertical lift).  This will also raise the infra-mammary folds (chest crease) and take most of the tension off the areoles thereby preventing them from stretching out.  Good luck

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