Had Ultrasonic Lipo Only to Help with Male Gyno but the Breast Gland Still Hurts and Chest Looks Deformed?

How do I ask my dr to do a breast gland removal after the liposuction did not stop the pain and the Nasty shape of my chest . She told me she will only do it she can feel the tissue and if it is hurting me. She is a dr at a university that does work for the Veteran administration and I'm a disable vet that also suffers from major depression and PTSD from my 13 years in active service ending in 2006. This has had a big impact on my life and I don't want this problem to stay with me. Thanks

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Persistent gynecomastia after Ultrasonic liposuction

From your description, it sounds like you still may have glandular tissue present in the chest.  You didn't comment on how long ago your surgery was, and if it's still early, it's possible that you'll have improvement.  In my experience, however, liposuction alone is only rarely adequate to treat the entire condition, and many surgeons who do a lot of gynecomastia surgery would echo that opinion.  The use of ultrasonic liposuction (including VASER), is promoted as being more effective, but it still doesn't fully address the fibrous tissue under the areaola in many patients.  If the results aren't adequate, you should address this with your surgeon, and she should be able to provide the additional care to address the residual tissue.  

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Does Liposuction Always Cure Gynecomastia?

Your basic question is, did liposuction cure my gynecomastia, and based on your statement that your chest still has breast tissue and that it is painful, that answers the question.  There are two components to gynecomastia:  (1) fat (pseudo gynecomastia), and (2) breast gland (true gynecomastia).  Liposuction can cure the fatty component 100% of the time; however, the gland component can be cured sometimes, but not always.  Therefore, from your description, the true gynecomastia component may or may not have been improved but wasn't eliminated.

It is your responsibility to go back to your doctor, show her your chest which you say is deformed, tell her it hurts, and ask her opinion whether she has completely gotten rid of all the breast gland with the ultrasonic liposuction.   

I know it is difficult to be assertive when you suffer from depression and PTSD, and when you think the system isn't there for you.  But please understand as Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. we are there to help our patients.

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