Do a mentalis muscle resuspension at the same time as submental chin implant or don't do this at the same time?

I need to have my mentalis muscle resuspended because my mentalis muscle wasnt attached properly from previous surgery. On the other hand, I plan on having a submental chin implant(not intraoral chin implant) because I don't want to risk messing around with mentalis muscle.1.Is it best to do the mentalis muscle resuspension first and wait 12 months later to do the submental chin implant?or 2 Do the mentalis resuspension and submental chin implant at the same time?Any problems with this?

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Muscle resuspension and chin implant

I agree with Dr. Eppley.  The mentalis muscle resuspension and chin implant must be in harmony.  This best achieved from an intraoral approach.

Mentalis Resuspension and Chin Implant

If you are going to do a mentalis resuspension it should be done at the same time as a chin implant. But because a mentalis suspension is a superiorly based procedure it can not be done very well from a submental approach. It needs to be done from an intraoral approach to be truly effective. A menrtalis muscle sag is caused by loss of the attachment right below the depth of the intraoral vestibule.

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