How long before I can wear lipstick/lip gloss after having fat transfer in a graft to the lips?

its been a week since my operation and my surgeon recommended i stay away from alcohol for another few weeks after the fat graft to my lips. however hopefully not a silly question, but how does that work with cosmetics e.g. lip stick? as doesn't some of these products contact chemicals?

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Lip stick after lip augmentation with fat

First and foremost, you should check with your surgeon as I do not know the details of your surgery from online. 
However, in general, at one week, the injection sites for fat graft are well healed and unlikely to get infected. 
I tell my patients they can wear CLEAN and NEW cosmetics 3-4 days after surgery. Please do not use anything that has any kind of smell to it. Lip stick/gloss most easily get contaminated with bacteria that you seed from your mouth. This is a good time to get a brand new set of cosmetics, but go with a brand that you know you are not allergic to  

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Cosmetics After Fat Transfer To Lips

As a rule, always follow the guidelines that your surgeon suggested. Typically one week after fat transfer a patient can start wearing lipstick or gloss. I would stay away from products that have a fragrance to them because this could irritate the area.

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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How long after fat transfer before make up can be used ?

Assuming no other procedures where done and there are no cuts on the lips proper, you can apply makeup everywhere except the entry sites. The entry sites or any cuts should be completely healed (no crust over it) before applying makeup to them. AS always check with your surgeon first.

Curtis Perry, MD
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Lipstick/lip gloss

It seems maybe he is having you stay away from alcohol due to its potential to thin the blood and contribute to more bruising to the treated area. Therefore, I don't think the reasons for staying away from alcohol and lip-gloss are the same. However, I do think it is best to follow your surgeons directions of post care. Lipsticks and lip gloss do have the potential to irritate the lip area due to the various ingredients. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend you starting on a new one you have never used in the past. Additionally, used ones can  carry bacteria and yeasts organisms which could expose you to potential infection. Therefore, I would recommend using something never opened as well as a product you have used in the past without any problems if your surgeon is okay with that.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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Wearing lipstick

 I don't see why you could not either drink alcoholic beverages or you wearing lipstick at this point. If there is still an opening in your skin is not healed with potential drainage or some unusual circumstance and things may be different.In general it's best to follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon.  Best,Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
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