Further treatment needed. Any suggestions?

I had lip lift surgery to harmonise my facial features better due to an unfortunate rhinoplasty. The scar is stretched possibly from facial yoga, sugar scrubbing or the suctuting to the nasal bone I'm not sure but Im hoping a specialist can help me on the best treatment plan to correct this outcome and redo the distance, lift the sides of lips and overall make nice youthful full lips that suit my face. Your advice and knowledge is sincerely appreciated.

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Unfortunately the best way to get a better result would be to revise and surgically remove the widened scar. Its important to note the timing of the past procedure. No question that the post operative period is as important as the procedure itself. Good luck.

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Hi Shazina,I do liplifts very very commonly - several each week.  Facial yogo may have caused this indeed, and it looks like your lip is still long.  I'd suggest revising the lip lift - essentially redoing it, and making sure that a certain type of deep sutures are used to prevent that problem.  I do these procedures in the office and we treat many people from the UK - best of luck!

Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD
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