Would a lip lift be beneficial for me?

My upper teeth are not showing when I talk or have my mouth open, and that's bothering me. I've read about lip lifts, and must say I find it interesting, even though I'd be worried about scars. My philtrum is 20 mm, and I've read that 11-13 mm is the ideal measurements for women.

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Lip lift for dental show?

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A lip lift creates a shorter upper lip and a larger upper lip.  The greatest advantage is when one has a thin and long upper lip, and, is willing to tolerate the scar under the nose.

In your case you have a full upper lip and slightly long upper lip.  If you can tolerate an incision and a larger upper lip you may consider.  In my opinion, making your upper lip larger may make your upper lip larger than your bottom changing the balance.  Of course, you may perform a smaller excision of subnasal skin to lessen this risk.

The dental exposure you desire is more centrally located in a lip lift

Aliso Viejo Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Would a lip lift be beneficial for me? (Photos)

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Maybe yes, maybe no to lip lift, or maybe later. 

Saying no to lip lift now may just mean putting it off for a while.  Every situation is different, of course, but the primary considerations are how badly the issue bothers you, expected size, location, and character of scar(s), your desired result (and expected result, e.g.  Will lip lift achieve it??  Usually determined by simulation of result in person), and your age.  My preference is to avoid changing a naturally beautiful face.  Although your whole face isn't shown in the photos, what is shown is very pretty: The size and shape of your lips, relationship between upper and lower lips, facial shape, skin quality, etc.

Steve Laverson, MD
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