Can I have surgery with anxiety/white coat syndrome?

I have a rhinoplasty scheduled in 3 weeks. I forgot to run by my doctor that I have anxiety ( I am not on medicine because it isn't severe). I only get this anxiety in a doctor's office. My question is, when they take my blood pressure and pulse the day of surgery and it is high, how will they go about doing the surgery?

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Can rhinoplasty be done with anxiety/white coat syndrome?

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Your blood pressure should be able to be controlled during your rhinoplasty.  If you are having a general anesthesia, this will frequently lower the blood pressure during the procedure.  You may just want to mention your issue to your surgeon and anesthesiologist prior to your surgery.  

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Rhinoplasty and Anxiety

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It is very normal to have anxiety when you are at the doctor's office and especially the morning of the surgery. The anesthesiologist will evaluate you the morning of your surgery and will medicate you accordingly. You may be given some anti-anxiety medication prior to being taken back to the operating room. You will be monitored throughout your surgery (blood pressure and pulse) and following your surgery. Let your surgeon and anesthesiologist know your situation.

Good Luck with your surgery!

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Can I have surgery with anxiety/ white coat syndrome

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It is possible to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure with anxiety, and some degree of anxiousness is normal. It's always best to talk to your operative surgeon and maybe visit the surgery center prior to the day of surgery and get to know all of the nurses and staff.  Medications may also be required when significant anxiety is present. For more information and many before and after results of rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below 

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White Coat Syndrome: Welcome to the Club

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Your anxiety about surgery is actually very normal.  In order to address the expected, I typically give patients a prescription for Valium, which they can take prior to arriving for the procedure.  Most blood pressure situations can be managed under anesthesia, as sedation tends to lower blood pressure.  I have had to cancel a few cases related to very high pressure, but such situations are very rare. 

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