Can Working out Too Soon After Tummy Tuck Ruin Results?

I started exercising at 10 weeks after Tummy Tuck, and I am extremely swollen. Should I stop exercising or will that not help at this point?

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Exercise 10 weeks after a Tummy Tuck

Exercising 10 weeks after a Tummy Tuck should NOT "ruin" tummy tuck results. By that time a lot of beneficial scarring should have "welded" the muscles together and the tightened tummy skin on top of them. I would refrain from sit ups not only because most people do them incorrectly but because they STILL can stress and tear the stitches holding the muscles in the midline.

On you photo you APPEAR to have a redundancy / swelling of the tummy. This COULD represent a fluid collection (seroma) or even ? a suture disruption. I would recommend you see your Plastic surgeon and see what he / she says.

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck and Exercise?

Thank you for the question.

It would probably be best for you to be seen by a plastic surgeon to rule out abnormal fluid accumulation.

Generally speaking,  tummy tuck surgery involves the interruption of arterial inflow as well as venous/lymphatic outflow. As patients' activity level increases  the abdominal wall flap may have a hard time eliminating fluids from the area. It may take several months to a year for the situation to improve  whereby patients no longer have the increased swelling with increased activity.

I have seen some significant tissue swelling that may be alarming but has always resolved with time.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck

exercise too soon after an abdominoplasty  can cause the muscle repair to fail and this could adversly effect the result from the tummy tuck. It is important to follow the instructions that you surgeon has laid out for you.

David L. Abramson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Wait about 6 to 8 weeks after tummy tuck for working out


We do not have a photo of you before the tummy tuck and it is hard to tell much from the side view. In general, however, 10 weeks after a tummy tuck should be plenty of time for healing to have taken place. Make sure you do not have a fluid accumulation (seroma). Re-visit with your doctor as soon as you can and explain your concerns.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Yes improper exercise too early after tummy tuck can ruin the results

Yes improper exercise too early after tummy tuck can ruin the results. However, proper exercise can enhance the results. I generally recommend that patients begin the ues of core strengthening abdominal exercises to begin approximately 4-6 weeks after abdominoplasty.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Workout bulge

At 10 weeks post operative time my patients do resume their workout schedule.  I include an abdominal muscle tightening procedure, followed by skin removal.  It may depend on what was done in the surgery.  Ask your surgeon, this is not the norm.

Rodger Wade Pielet, MD (in memoriam)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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See your surgeon

Exercising too early after your surgery can certainly compromise your recovery. You should see your surgeon to make sure the swelling you're experiencing is not abnormal, then follow their post-surgery care instructions.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Recovery after tummy tuck- When can I start exercising

considering that abdominal muscles are tightened after a tummy tuck it is not a good idea to start exercising your torso for the first six weeks. you can walk, and do light lifting but no heavy abdominal exercises for at least 6-10 weeks.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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