Skin Around Nose Has Gotten Darker After Rhinoplasty

During 6 month period after rhinoplasty surgery, I wore spf 15 sunsreen whenever I went out in the sun - I realize now that spf value was too low. Its been 1 year since surgery and my skin around nose have gotten darker and looks damaged (I have brown skin). Can any thing be done about this?

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Darkening of skin after rhinoplasty

It is unusual to see hyperpigmentation on the nose after a rhinoplasty. Occasionally we will see red telangiectasia occur when compared to the nose on revision rhinoplasties. To lighten the skin, one should consider a hydroquinone bleaching cream, which can be obtained from your dermatologist. Make sure you continue to use sunblock on the nose.

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Dark Skin after Rhinoplasty

Changes in skin color after rhinoplasty are very unusual. Talk to your surgeon who may prescribe bleaching agents or refer you to a Dermatologist who frequently treats pigmentary problems.

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Dark scars after rhinoplasty

A variety of options are available for treating hyperpigmented skin. I would discuss this with your surgeon who can prescribe or recommend a treatment regimen.

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Darker skin following rhinoplasty

At this point it would be best for you to speak with your surgeon regarding the skin issue you are experiencing. He/she may refer you to a board certified dermatologist who may be able to help you with your issue. It sounds like a pigmentation problem, and there are many treatments available to help improve your condition. Hope this helps. Thank you and best of luck to you.


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Pigmentation after Rhinoplasty


This can be a result of pigmentation  and/or blood that has seeped into the surrounding tissue. You can try a bleaching cream but with more time this should resolve.



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