In need of an upper lip lift (skin only) bullhorn lift. Lip lift doctors near Vancouver, BC? Willing to travel (Photos)

I am 38 and live in between Toronto, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. I am in need of an upper lip lift (skin only) bullhorn lift. My current measurement is 2 cm but want it around 1.4--1.5 final distance if possible. I have used fillers for years and now want my philtrum about half the size. Can any doctors help me achieve this without getting a nasty scar!? I don't know where to go!

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Subnasal Lip Lift

A philtral length of 20mms is long and the subnasa lamplight would be the best method to reduce it. A lip length reduction down to 14mms (30% reduction of filtrate length) is as much as you would want to do to keep the upper lip looking proportionate to its sides and allowing for a well healed scar result. Most sub nasal lip lift scars in my experience heal really well with a very low incidence of the need for scar revision.

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Lip Lift

Thank you for your question. There are plenty of lip lift options to slim the philtrum. A subnasal lip lift is arguable the most popular method of lip lift surgery, which is performed by removing a bit of skin tissue from underneath the nose to create a slight lift in the upper lift. The surgery is not invasive and an experienced surgeon can minimize and hide any scarring.

I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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