Timeline for Fat Grafting to "Take?"

Hello, I understand that it takes a period of time for the fat grafting to "take" and have blood vessels attach to it. Is that timeline days, or weeks, or months? During the time after the graft, is it ok to exercise? Does that help or hinder the process? Thanks very much! I'm having a graft next week and want to do all I can to understand the process and have good success.

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Survival of Fat Grafts

Circulation to fat grafts will improve and stabilize over 4-5 months, but you can start to exercise about 3 weeks after the procedure as long there is no direct trauma to the grafts. Follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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Fat Graft Survival

In my experience, we usually tell our patients that by 3 months after the procedure you will usually have a very good idea about the final volume of grafted fat that "takes".  Months after it is not uncommon to see positive changes in volume or in the quality of skin overlying the grafted fat as stem cells in the fat become activated.  We believe in adding Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to our fat grafts.  PRP contains high concentrations of growth factors, substances which stimulate stem cells and also aid in the survival of the grafted fat.  We usually as patients to refrain from strenuous activities after fat transfer for a peroid of two weeks, but I will suggest you follow your surgeon's guidelines.  Good Luck....Dr. Corrado

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Fat Transfer Take

In my experience (using my surgical technique) and based on MRI studies fat graft take occurs over several months. By 6 months the blood vessels have really set in and the fat cells can then "blossom" over the next 12 months or so.

You don't have to avoid exercise the whole time, thankfully. Follow your surgeon's specific instructions, but once you don't have a risk for increased bleeding (typically after a couple weeks) for exertion it should be okay to exercise.

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Fat graft

It takfes fat graft 3 months to stabilize. after 3 months fat is there permanently.

Depending on where the fat was transfered and the amount we restrict activity for a certain peroid of time depending on the place.

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