Thick Skinned Nose - bad swelling even after steroid injections and 10 weeks post op. Is this normal?

i had rhinoplasty 10wks ago. I was given steroid injections about a week after surgery and then another set about a month after. I havent been able to get the monthly injections as recommended by my surgeon because I am away in college.I have a lot of swelling. If i pinch the top skin on my nose, i can feel the fluid and even move it around. Im wondering, how normal is this? My nose is smaller than it was before surgery. However the tip is very droopy now. Will this go away with time?

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Likely swelling

Tennis: the thicker the skin before surgery, the longer it will take for swelling to resolve after surgery.  Steroid shots can help with swelling but they can also thin the skin and cause prominent blood vessels, so be careful.  5-fluorouracil is another medicine that can be injected that probably has less risk of causing a problem after several injections. 

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A thick skinned nose may take a year to show it's final result.

Hello tennisplayer15,
Thanks for your question.  Thick skinned, oily noses tend to take more time to settle down after rhinoplasty.  It will take up to a year for your nasal tip to settle down back to "normal."  Your surgeon appears to be appropriately aggressive in the way he/she wants your tip to progress more rapidly in the resolution of it's swelling.  By your RealSelf name "tennisplayer15" I assume you are quite active.  Remember that any activity that increases your heart rate will increase your blood pressure.  Anything that increases your blood pressure will increase swelling in your nose.  If after a game of tennis, or cardio/weights at the gym, your nose seems more swollen, then I typically recommend a couple of hours of post play icing.  My patients find that this is fairly helpful.  
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