Bleeding after 4 months of Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction?

I had surgery almost 4 months ago for a Septoplasty and a Turbinate Reduction. I occasionally bleed from where the insescions were made. Is this normal? I'm also now blowing out little bits of blood and sometimes hards crusts from my sinuses. It looks like packing but I doubt it would still be in there! There were holes burst in my sinuses but my surgeon closed them, is there a chance they've bursted again?

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Could me many things

Continued bleeding after septal, turbinate, and sinus surgery could be due to several different things, particularly in the winter if you live in an area with cold, dry air.  Most likely it is just a prominent blood vessel on the front of your septum that could have been irritated by the surgery.  But it is also possible that there is a small hole in the septum causing drying and bleeding.  It is best to have your surgeon evaluate you, likely with an endoscopic exam. 

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Chronic bleeding after functional nasal surgery

Without a internal nasal exam, it is difficult to determine the cause of chronic bleeding after septal, turbinate or sinus surgery. The cause may be as simple as dryness at this stage of recovery or may be more complex. It is best that you arrange follow-up with your surgeon for reevaluation and to see what is the cause of the bleeding and crusting and what options are available to you to improve these symptoms.

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