My cheek is indented by the side of my nose and nasal collapsed. What is causing this, and which kind of doctor should I see?

My left side of my cheek is indented by the side of my nose and it looks like someone punched me in the face, and my nasalhas collasped,externatally and internally. The side of my nasal fold is extremely swollen and red. My nasal opening on the one side is just about closen shut. What could be causing this? And what doctor should I see aboult this? My face is ayspmetrical now. Any suggestions?

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Concerns regarding appearance of nose and face

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It sounds like you have serious concerns with the appearance of your nose and face. You really should seek the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon as soon as possible as from your description it sounds as though many of the changes in your nose and cheek are new and progressively worsening. Additionally, redness is a worrisome sign. Did anything happen to incite these changes - surgery, trauma, infection?

My cheek is indented

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Without photos it is not possible to make any specific sugestions other than that you make a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon experienced in surgery of the area in question. If this is an acute change you may have an infection and need to be seen today.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal and cheek collapse

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You should see a facial Plastic surgeon. Photographs would be good to show your concerns. Was there ever trauma or infection? Have you ever been injected with filler in that area?
You should see a surgeon quickly because of the redness. Is this a sudden change?

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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