Are There Any Products to Help Reduce Skin Thickness Following Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty 7 months ago. The skin of my nose is still peeling and terribly oily. The dorsum was reduced a lot, so the skin hasn't really "shrinkwrapped" yet. Are there any products or things I can do to speed up the shrink wrapping process or help reduce the thickness of my skin? thank you

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Treat the oily skin, be patient

Topical therapy to reduce the oily skin can help this problem, but the swelling takes 1 year or more to resolve naturally. Some physicians will inject dilute steroid for supratip swelling in thick skinned patients, but you would need to ask your surgeon if thisis appropriate for you. Try to remain patient in the meantime.

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How to reduce rhinoplasty swelling

The vast majority of swelling after rhinoplasty surgery takes about 6 months to resolve. Its slower after revision surgery. Some people still note 'good nose days' and 'bad nose days' for a year or even more. The nasal skin goes through a predictable course of excessively oily and excessively dry periods during the first few months. Systemic anti-inflammatory meds can help with swelling resolution. So can ice presses and head elevation initially. Exercise is known to increase the swelling during the first few months. However of all the ways, time is unfortunately the best means of resolving swelling.

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Swelling and skin thickness after revision rhinoplasty

It is typical for swelling to take 12 to 18 months to dissipate following rhinoplasty, particularly in revision cases.  It sounds like part or your problem may be oily skin with overactive sebaceous glands.  This component can be improved with good skin care.  Postoperative swelling will resolve with time, be patient.

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Reducing Skin Thickness Post Revision Rhinoplasty

Oily skin can be improved, decreasing the number and activity of sebaceous glands and therefore skin thickness, with good skin care. We have an aesthetician in our office who will select the appropriate products and treatments for patients like you. We also frequently refer individuals to our Dermatologist colleagues.

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Post revision rhinoplasty swelling

The answer unfortunately is no. Revision rhinoplasty in it's nature typically has more swelling then the original rhinoplasty. If you already have thick skin then this healing process can be prolonged. Be patient, at seven months post surgery you should be on your way to full recovery shortly. Give it a full twelve months and you should see your swelling dissipate monthly. Best regards!

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Thick skin after revision rhinoplasty

The short answer is no. It takes time, even longer after revision rhinoplasty, for the skin to contract. If you have thick skin the process can even be longer.

Michel Siegel, MD
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