Can Ear Cartilage Graft Be Removed from Nose Under Local Anesthesia?

Hello, I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafts .Can the cartilage graft be removed under local anesthesia or do I need a complete revision rhinoplasty? It was a closed rhinoplasty. I can feel the graft inside my nostril,it is very pointy and hard and it is sticking out under the skin. What are the risks of removing the cartilage graft? Thank you (In a few days it will be 9 months since I had the revision).

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Removing ear cartilage grafts

In general, cartilage grafts can be removed under local anesthesia. Whether this can be done without also having revision work done is impossible to say without seeing your nose. You should probably talk with your original surgeon as they would best know what was done during your initial procedure.

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Removal of Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose

Although I don't know where the graft is located or how big it is, the cartilage can be removed under local anesthesia without significant surgical risk. However, without pictures and more information, I  have no idea what that would do to your appearance or nasal function, which will determine if a complete revision rhinoplasty will be necessary.

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