How Can Scar Tissue Be Removed Surgically in a Revision Rhinoplasty? Is It a Risk?

I would like to know what are the cons of getting scar tissue removed surgically? Can all scar tissue build-up be removed equally so the nose does not end up uneven? can the work of removing the scar from the inside of the nose harm the external skin of the nose? Can be the scar tissue be scraped completely? I will appreciate your support.

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Removing scar tissue in revision rhinoplasty

Scar tissue can never be completely removed in a revision rhinoplasty.  There is presence of scar tissue after a primary rhinoplasty.  The problem with trying to remove scar tissue is that it grows back and the healing can be unpredictable.  The risks and rewards of undergoing another nasal surgery should be carefully considered.  Addressing scar tissue should first be done with cortisone injections in to try and melt the scar tissue.

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Removal of Scar Tissue

Yes scar tissue from inside the nose can be removed from inside the nose with some visible thinning afterwards. However it must be done carefully and it is important not to injure the blood supply under the dermis of the skin. Fat, scar, and subcutaneous tissue can be removed the deep dermis must be preserved and left alone as the blood supply to the skin runs through here.

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Removing Scar Tissue in Revision Rhinoplasty

You have addressed the goals and possible complications when removing scar tissue as part of a revision rhinoplasty. Scar tissue removal is usually part of a revision revision so find a surgeon who specializes in this work.

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Removal of scar during revision rhinoplasty

To simplify things basically there are three layers to the nose ,the skin, the nasal lining and the structural support which comprises bone and cartilage in between the two preceding layers. Scar can develop in any and all layers. The treatment is dependent on the specific problem set that is present.Correction of nasal scars is at best a difficult  and complex  proposition.

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