What Will the Scar Look Like on a Alar Flare Reduction of 1mm to Each Side of Nose to Make Nostrils Not So Wide?

alar flare 1 mm ! I need a reduction of 1mm for each nostril because when they take my nose back it may make my nostrils look to wide. I'm wondering if the scar will be big and noticeable or not much of one with only a 1mm per side reduction. My nose thinness fits me & i'm wondering with the reduction of 1mm per side will this make my nose really thin? Also what cream is the best to use for scars ? Thank you Dr's

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Nostril Width Reduction Scars

When well placed the scars from an alar reduction can be quite indiscriminate. Most alar reduction, however, are more than 1mm to justify the effort the trade-off of scars no matter how minimal they might be.

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Alar base reduction scar

the procedure used to reduce nostril flare is usually an alar base reduction.  this requires an incision placed at the alar base (where the nostril meets the cheek/lip) and a resection of a small amount of skin from the alar base.  the amount removed is usually about 1-3 mm.  it has been my experience that the scars left from these incisions are very difficult to see.  i will repeat that - very difficult.  i am always surprised how inconspicuous they are, even at a week.  in my experience about 20% of patients benefit from alar base re

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What Will the Scar Look Like on a Alar Flare Reduction of 1mm to Each Side of Nose to Make Nostrils Not So Wide?

     The scars are well concealed, but 1 mm produces virtually no change - 3 or 4 mm is a more reasonable amount.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Nasal flare reduction

A 1 mm reduction in nasal flare is extremely small and may not be worth the risk of a scar in this area.  There are many ways to perform a nasal flare reduction.  When done correctly the scar is usually quite hidden. 

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What Will the Scar Look Like on a Alar Flare Reduction of 1mm to Each Side of Nose to Make Nostrils Not So Wide?

That scar is entirely dependent upon the surgeon's technique. In most cases, alar base incisions hide very nicely. However, if improperly performed they can be quite prominent. Review photos of your chosen surgeon's alar base incisions. If they're obvious, I would recommend seeking a second or third opinion until you find someone whose incisions heal well. The major issue is that the poorly performed alar base procedure can be very, very difficult to fix. I hope this information is helpful.

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Scars from alar reduction

The scar from alar reduction is most often very good; however, it can be dependent on the design of the reduction. If well performed the scar is difficult to see. We don't use scar creams in this area.

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