Make Up for Scar After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Dear all, How soon after rhinoplasty am I able to use a camouflage make up for my scar? I am 4 weeks post op and the scar is a thin reddish pink line. It's not too visible from the front but can be seen from the side due to my tip projection. Thanks, Terri

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Makeup after rhinoplasty

In our practice, we tell our patients generally makeup is ok once the scar is healed enough that it is dry and no scab, typically a week or two.

Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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Make up permitted on incision after rhinoplasty when the sutures are out.

Most rhinoplasty incisions do not require makeup. After the sutures are out a small amount may be used to cover up any redness.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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