What Can Make the Lower Lateral Cartilage Area of my Nose and Tip Look Fuller?

My PS removed much of my lower lateral cartilage and sutured my tip to refine my very bulbous nose. It is now much too narrow and pointy for my mid bridge area. What can be done to add fullness back to my nose? I don't want it bulbous again but don't want the pointy narrow look I have now at my tip and concave look where lower lateral cartilage was removed. How can this be done? I still have all my septal cartilage as the septal area was not touched at all. possible?or considered difficult? Thx!

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Adding Fullness to Tip

Fullness can be restored to your tip using cartilage and/or fascia. If done by an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon the tip contour can made stronger and well defined without adding too much bulk.

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What Can Make the Lower Lateral Cartilage Area of my Nose and Tip Look Fuller?

Dear Ella,

Thank you for your question.  Many different types of cartilage grafts, depending on your situation, can be used.  Either only type grafts, or strut type grafts.

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Pablo PRichard, MD

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Reconstruction of the Tip Cartilages

If too much cartilage was removed from your lower lateral cartilages (tip cartilages), these can be reconstructed during revision rhinoplasty with cartilage taken from your septum. I frequently place lateral crural strut grafts, which are nice, strong, flat pieces of cartilage placed underneath the remnants of your tip cartilages, to better support them. This can reverse the pinching of the nose and lower the nostrils if they are too visible. I would recommend consulting with multiple board-certified revision rhinoplasty specialists to determine the best surgical plan for your nose.

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Dr. Mehta

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Restoring Fullness to the Nasal Tip

Dear ella3,

An overly defined nasal tip can be softened during a revision rhinoplasty procedure. Choosing the best technique (including grafts, etc.) depends on your anatomy, your goals, and what was done during your previous operation.

Please see an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns. It would be helpful to your surgeon if you have the records from your previous operation.

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What Can Make the Lower Lateral Cartilage Area of my Nose and Tip Look Fuller?

 A conchal cartlage ear graft to the nasal tip is the best way in my opinion to re-define the nasal tip.  I'd have to see pictures to decide what's the best course of action for the supra-tip area if any.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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