What is the Downtime for Ablative Erbium Yag Laser?

Dear doctors, i want to know how long ablative erbium yag laser takes to heal acne scars and wrinkles and uneven skin texture? only 2 months left in my wedding. if i will take this treatment will my skin heal within 2 months?

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Downtime for Ablative Erbium YAg Resurfacing

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The time for healing is variable, dependent upon the energy used and the number of times the laser passes over the area. Some superficial procedures will be healed in 3 days, whereas deeper procedures to remove fine line, blotchy pigmentation, superficial wrinkles, superficial acne scars may take around 10 days (and that's assuming that everything heals as expected and there are no complications like infection, delayed healing, etc). Once healed the skin may remain red for several weeks or months. Usually, makeup can be applied to hide this redness.  Best option is to talk to your doctor and make sure they understand what your timeline is. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and good luck.

Erbium Yag Laser Downtime

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Erbium yag laser resurfacing downtime is highly variable depending upon the depth of ablation.  Very light erbium peels heal within 2-3 days, whereas deeper peels may take as long as traditional CO2 laser peels; up to 2 weeks or more.

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