What Can Be Done About Recent Scars Caused by Blistering from Yag Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had my first Yag laser treatment for broken capillaries 3 weeks ago, and the dermatological laser surgeon focused greatly on the ones beside my nostrils. Unfortunately, the area turned black/red, blistered, scabbed and now has left these craters in my nose. What can be done to rectify this and should I wait longer than 3 weeks post-op before trying to fix this?

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Nose Scars after Yag Laser for Telangiectasias

Wait at least 3 months and re-evaluate.  Scars of this nature and location will often fade significantly over 3-6 months without additional treatment.  Avoid direct sunlight to the area until any redness is gone, up to 3 months.  Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) or pulsed dye laser treatment can assist in fading discoloration, but not depression.  

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