Nd-yag Vs Er-yag for Under Eye Fine Lines?

Im 34 years old, and have quite prominent fine lines undereye, especially much more when i smile or laugh. my doctor recommended nd-yag laser for my undereye fine lines. I've done 2 sessions, but i dont really see much difference. should i have Er-yag laser instead for my problem?

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Best treatments for fine under eye wrinkles

Obviously , you need a consultation. In my experience treating hundreds of patients with under eye wrinkles laser works the best. While chemical peels may be more helpful for under eye discoloration in some cases. I don't think that either the Yag or Erbium lasers would be my first treatment in most patients. The fractionated Co2 laser ( eg Pixel) would be able to tighten up fine under eye wrinkling. If you are darker skinned , then Fraxel laser may also be helpful. Often when using Co2 , erbium can also be utilized to maximize the results.Good Luck! You might find some of the before and after pictures for under eye wrinkles on the link provided helpful .

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Treatment for Under Eye Fine Lines

There are many treatment options for the fine lines under the eyes including injectable neurotoxins, injectable fillers, chemical peeling and lasers.  It is difficult to answer these types of questions without being able to evaluate the areas of concern, ideally done at a consultation.  Photographs would also be helpful.  That being said, I have both an NdYag and an Erbium:Yag laser and know the advantages and limitations of both.  When used correctly in patients willing to have some downtime, the Erbium:Yag is a very good laser for under eye fine lines.  The link below shows before and after photos of someone with fine lines around the mouth treated with the Erbium, filler and light electrosurgery.  Sometimes we have to utilize several treatment modalities to get optimum results. 

Channing R. Barnett, MD
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