What Should Be Done If The Temporary Dental Crown Adhesive Fails to Keep The Crown in Place?

If the temporary crown falls out, is it urgent that it get put back in place that day? What precautions should be taken?

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Temporary crown has come off

Even if you are not having any sensitivity, it's best to have a temporary crown re-cemented as soon as possible. My main concern would be the teeth shifting, meaning that your permanent crown could need to be adjusted before being cemented, or might not fit at all. Sugarless gum can sometimes work as an emergency temporary crown adhesive.

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Recementation of temporary crown

If your temporary crown fells of it can feel uncomfortable and if the tooth is vital it can be painful, except all the  esthetic discomfort. If the temporary crown is not recemented withing the short period of time it can lead to risk of overgrowing of gum on top of the prepared tooth or the implant, lead to infection or decay of natural tooth, overeruption of antagonist tooth. It`s not extremely urgent to recement the temporary crown, but is highly recommended to recement it in short period of time.

Loosened temporary crown

It is important that you have the temporary crown re-cemented as soon as you can. The tooth can have sensitivity and can shift causing your permanent crown to fit incorrectly. If you can't get to your dentist you can place the crown back on the tooth using Denture gel. Use a minute amount and gently place the crown back on your tooth. There is only 1 way to place the crown. The crown should fit comfortably when you bite on it. Do this gently as you do not want to break the crown. Call your dentist and get it recemented as soon as you can. Good luck.

Temporary crown fell off

Temporary crowns are just that - temporary!  If you can, carefully put the temporary back onto the tooth to get the proper orientation.  Carefully bite down to make sure the bite is comfortable.  Call your dentist immediately to have the temporary cemented professionally.  If you are out of town or unable to get to your dentist right away, look for temporary dental adhesive in the dental aisle at your nearest pharmacy or grocery store and follow directions.  Be careful to get the bite feeling just right or you may have tooth pain.

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Temporary Crown Adhesives

Temporary crown adhesives are inherently weak.  This is intentional so that the dentist can easily remove the temporary and clean off the tooth prior to final crown placement.  The fact that temporary crowns are made very quickly and with materials that continue to shrink as they fully cure can result in a temporary crown that does not fit the tooth accurately.

The temporary crown is needed to protect the prepared tooth from fracture and to maintain the spacing of the teeth for easy crown placement.  If the temporary comes off, clean out the crown and push it back into place.  If it stays, get back to the dental office when you have a chance.  If it falls right off, have your dentist re-cement the temporary or get a temporary crown cement kit from the local pharmacy.  Even denture adhesive can be used.

We avoid all of this in our office by using the CEREC CAD/CAM System.  We prepare the tooth, design the crown on a computer and mill an all porcelain crown all in one visit.  This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and provides a more precise fitting restoration than we used to get sending an impression to the dental lab.  Check out our website for more information about this technology.

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Temporary crown that fell off should be recemented asap

It's very important to keep the temporary crown on the tooth for several reasons.  The temporary crown not only protects the preped tooth from possible decay and fracture, but also prevents the adjacent teeth from moving into the space.  Since the temporary cement is only temporary, the crown may come off.  In that case, make an appointment to see your dentist right away to cement it back on.  In the meantime, keep the preped tooth clean by brushing frequently and chew on the other side.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

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Temporary corwn has fallen off

If your temporary corwn has fallen off there are a fewe things that can be done quickly and easily.  First, if you are having pain, please go to your dentists office right away.  Otherwise you can place the temporary crown back on the tooth (It will only go on one way). If this is not staying in place, then the pharmacy has temporary crown cement you can purchase to place inthe crown and replace it on the tooth.  Sugarless gum or even toothpaste can be used as well.. 

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Temporary Crown keeps coming off

Temporary crowns are done to protect the teeth from moving as well as preventing the gums from "growing in" over the teeth. It also helps to reduce sensitivity by protect the nerve (assuming no root canal was done) from extreme temperatures and chewing.  I would contact your dentist to see if he wants you to come in right away to have it re-cemented.  He/she may have you wait for your schedule appointment if it is close to the day your temporary came off.  In the mean time you can even put a bit of toothpaste or Vaseline into the temp and place it back on the tooth.  This should help keep it in.  Otherwise you can buy in a drug store a tube of denture adhesive and place a very small quantity into the temp before placing it back on.  The longer your temp is off the more adjustments will likely be required when you are back to get your lab fabricated crown cemented on.  Avoid chewing anything sticky such as gum and do not floss.  Should food get trapped and you need to floss just push the floss between your teeth and pull it through when you remove it.  Do not move the floss up and down to avoid popping the temporary off.  Also do not chew anything too hard on the temp to avoid cracking the temporary.

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Temporary crown

You should get back in to see your dentist as soon as possible, however in an emergency you can get by with placing a little dental adhesive in the crown and placing it back over the tooth.  Adhesive can usually be found in the dental section of most grocery stores near the toothbrushes.

Temporary Crown Replacement

If your temporary crown fell off, if might be necessary to have it replaced ASAP or it might be the case that you can wait.   It all depends on the individual case.  You should call your dentist and ask.  In any case its best not to let it go too long without the temporary.


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