How Quickly Can CEREC Implant Crowns Be Produced?

Is it possible to replace an implant with a CEREC crown in one office visit. What are the steps?

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CEREC and Implants

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CEREC is a computerized crown manufacturing system.  It can be used to make or replace a crown to restore an implant, but it is not capable of replacing the implant post in bone.  Some dentists use the CEREC system to design and manufacture a customized abutment which attaches the crown to the implant body.

Using CEREC to make a crown for an implant is no different than the process to restore a tooth.  Both involve a scan of the supporting structure, in these cases prepared tooth or implant abutment, design of the crown and milling or the porcelain block.  See the CEREC page on our website for more details.

Springfield Dentist

CEREC crown on implant

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A completed dental implant consists of the implant itself, an abutment which goes into the implant, and a crown on top of the abutment. It is possible to have a CEREC crown made in one visit, but anything more than that (such as a ceramic abutment), would probably take more time to get the best result.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Cerec crown on implant in one visit

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Cerec is a CAD/CAM technology that allows to take digital impressions in the office and produce the crown within 1-2 hours. It represents the all-ceramic materials for final crowns, inlays or onlays. If you would like to change the existing crown over implant or restore new implant with all-ceramic restoration  the dentist will need to take impression of the implant with the contour of the gum tissue first. Then lab will fabricate all- ceramic abutment and the crown. Usually it takes 2-3 appointments in the best case in order to achieve the best esthetic result. Cerec machine is usually used for restorations of the teeth, not the implants.

CEREC crown over an implant

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Your question does not make sense. An implant is a titanium post that goes into the bone where you are missing a tooth. A crec crown does not replace an implant but can be made in one visit to attache to an implant that already has an abutment connected to it. (ie. the stump for to crown to cap onto.)

Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Dentist

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